Online Grade School?

Updated on August 28, 2012
W.E. asks from Auburn, CA
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are there any accredited online grade schools? I've heard of online high school but not grade school. I'm unable to homeschool traditionally as my mother has dementia and would make it near impossible to get course work done without a billion interuptions. anybody know anything about this option?

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answers from Orlando on
is a wonderful school. And it's free.

It doesn't matter what grade your child is in, they will always need help and guidance.

I am so sorry about your mother.
God bless you all.

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answers from San Francisco on

CAVA (California Virtual Academies)
is an online school that uses K12 material. It is free and we love it. It is more of an independant study program than "homeschool". What grade is your child in? You can learn more about it by going to or feel free to contact me privetly. :-)W.

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answers from San Francisco on

Another one you can check out is We used it for several years. If you want to know more about our experience, I can go into more detail.

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answers from San Francisco on

There are several online charter schools in California. Some are statewide (I think someone already mentioned CAVA, Kaplan is another) and some are restricted by resident counties (like Connections). Charters are great since they are tuition-free and all curriculum is provided with state funds since Charters are public schools. Some even provide the computer and the internet connection. You can do a google search or contact the California State Charter Schools Association at They can provide you with a list of online schools that run in your area.



answers from Honolulu on

Here's a link for a program that many public/private schools use in many States:

And this is a link for a Goggle search:

You also might want to research your own state, to see if there are any programs. In my state, I read about one. But I forget the name.

Good luck,



answers from San Francisco on

There is Abeka Academy- teh website is .

We use their DVD program but they also have an internet based program that you can use too.


answers from Dallas on

Check out this :
Its an online business training school.

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