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Difference Between a Magnet School and a Charter School

K.M. asks from Denver

Hello all! Just looking into different schools in our arear and I am just wondering what is the difference between a charter school and a magnet school? Thanks!


Charter Schools, Magnet Schools, School Choice, Oh My!

K.S. asks from New York

Hi Ladies, Hope everyone is coming off a nice weekend! So I've started researching Charter schools and Magnet schools. HELP! Is there a difference between the t...


Charter School Vs. Public School Vs. Private School

M.J. asks from Chicago

What is the difference between a Charter school, a public school and a private school? What exactly is a charter school? I have been told to "watch out" for charter s...


Charter School

S.S. asks from Daytona Beach

my school zone is switching up all of the school zones next year and one of the schools in one of the proposed plans for my daughter (who will be going into 1st grade...


Garland G/T Magnet School

G.C. asks from Dallas

My daughter just turned 4 years old is currently attending a Montessori school. Two older classmates who will be entering the 1st grade this fall were tested by Garla...


Magnet Schools

D.T. asks from Los Angeles

I am a little comfused... my daughter is in kindergarten, she is so smart and doing really good, another kid's mom keeps telling me I should apply for magnet school,...


Public School Vs. Charter

J.F. asks from San Diego

I have an 11 year old boy who is in 6th grade at the moment at a middle school. I've been hearing about charter schools recently and was wondering what exactly they w...


Charter School vs Public School

M.!. asks from Columbus

What is your opinion on Charter Schools? Also, does anyone know of the Paragon teaching method? We are looking into a Charter school vs public school for our 5 ...


HELP !!! Charter School

J.C. asks from Dallas

Anybody know about the treetop school or Harmony school of science- grand prarie? Harmony sent us a application and treetop was found when I was driving. I'd like t...


Chances of Enrollment for Charter School

R.D. asks from Dallas

Hello! I was hoping someone with experience with the lottery system for charter school enrollment could give me some insight. There is a new charter school openin...