Changing Schools

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New School

L.A. asks from Houston

Hello Mamas, My daughter would be starting her kindergarten in a private school on August 15th this year. she is now going to a different private school for her pre K...


New School Again!!

R.U. asks from Boston

Okay ladies please be nice, lol. Here is my ordeal. We have moved to a new town a little over a year ago. Prior to that we lived in a city. It was a great place to b...


New School

J.M. asks from Asheville

I have a 13 year old son,and got divorced about a year ago. He had grown up in the same area his whole life and was established in his school and with his friends. We...


New School

K.S. asks from Salt Lake City

I am trying to buy a house. I never thought I'd be able to do it alone, but I am. My question is does anyone know anything about Municipal Elementary in Roy. If the s...


When Do You Prepare for the New School Year?

A.R. asks from Tucson

When do you prepare for the new school year is it two weeks or 1 month before the first day of school.


Going to New School

S.G. asks from Seattle

my son is going to elementary school from this september..he is already going to kindercare..we discussed about the new school with him..that he will be going to new ...


New Eagle School

J.M. asks from Philadelphia

We're considering buying a house in the T/E district. Our elementary school would be New Eagle. I drove by it today and it looks like a dump! I've not had a visit ...



J.L. asks from Pittsburgh

My 8yo son just started a new school. the school is great, he is learning a lot of new things he has a lot of new friends and his grades has improved a lot from last ...


Questions to Ask at New School

X.O. asks from Chicago

My son's starting Kindergarten this fall at a new school (it is a Catholic school and different from the one at which his 2 yrs of preK were done). One of the fell...