After School Programs

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Afterschool Program or Shuttle Service

K.E. asks from Seattle

My daughter is starting VPK in August and the program I'm interested in ends at 12 noon. I work until 8PM and I need to find an afterschool program that can pick her ...


After-School Program Pick-Up Question

T.M. asks from Tampa

My DH picked up our son this afternoon since I was running late. This Program picks up our son after school and keeps him until we get off of work. The director ale...


After-School "Learning Program" for Kindergartners in Pasadena Area??

J.W. asks from Los Angeles

Dear Moms, We live in Pasadena area (Southern California) and my 6 year old son is currently attending a private kindergarten. Since both my husband and I have to wo...


After-school Routines - What Works?

K.F. asks from Philadelphia

I'm wondering what a good after-school routine is to allow kids time for playing, homework, snack, etc. What has worked well with your family? My kids are young now...


Working Moms and After-School Activities

J.S. asks from Los Angeles

This is a question for working moms. I don't get home from work until around 5:45 or so. My son goes to after-school care but there are other things that he wants t...


Before and Afterschool Care Provided @ the School?

A.H. asks from Chicago

Does anyone know if the Yorkville School district or Oswego has a before and afterschool program @ the elementary school? We just moved back to the area and were spo...


What Is Your Afterschool Routine

L.M. asks from Houston

After your kids get home from school, what is your routine? Do they... Have a snack, do their homework and THEN get to play with their friends? or Have a...


Typing Program

M.G. asks from Kansas City

Hello, I am looking for a good computer program to teach my boys (11 and 14) to type. I am old, I learned to type in typing class, on a typewriter. My kids don't ev...


Ppcd Program

M.G. asks from Houston

ppcd stands for Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities: my boy has a delay on speech and his peditrician wants him to enter this program... Does this stays ...


Opinion of Afterschool Care Center That I Visited...

T.M. asks from Tampa

I am starting to look at after-school programs for my son this fall when he starts kindergarten. I visited a martial arts based program this morning. It is a family...