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Honest Opinions of Those Owning the LeapPad 1 or 2

Hello, I'm sure this has been asked several times but I'm looking for recent honest opinions of the following gaming systems. Our kids are 7, 5, and 4 Please Note: We own (1) Leapfrog Explorer & (3) DS systems Honest opinons... Is it really worth getting the new LeapPad 1/2 OR is the Explorer just about the same (minus the fact it doesn't have a camera) Again, I'm very familiar with the Explorer since we have one. The DS is just not educational. I have seen that the Explorer has really helped in letter recognition...


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LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer Learning Tablet - Education Value?

Hi I'm debating if should buy my son a LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer for his 4th Birthday. His only exposure to electronic games is the odd game on an Ipad. If we have an IPad do you think it's worth buying the LeapPad 2? If your child owns one do they still play with it? Thanks in advance


Learning to Read

My 4 yr old is ready for reading. She knows all of her letters and loves to...


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Kindle/Nook/e-reader For 5 Yo

My daughter loves my Nook Color and i was thinking about getting her the LeapPad, but have read good reviews. A couple i read said they wish they would have just bought their child a kindle. So, I am thinking about getting her a kindle/nook/e-reader for her 5th birthday. Any recommendations? I don't want her to have the kindle fire or the nook tablet, this would be strictly for reading book and having books read to her (she loves that she can listen to her favorite books being read by nook). Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Ipad for 3 1/2 Yo?

Hi does your 3 yo toddler use Ipad? I am thinking of buying one for my...

Playing with Others

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Thoughts on My First LeapPad

We just found a My First Leap Pad for $12. I bought it because that sounded like a good deal. It came with a My Little Mermaid book, obviously not for a little boy, but its better than nothing. I also found some online books for it, ABC's. Number Farm and Leap to the Moon. Anyone else have one of these? What books did you find were the most interesting for your kids? I'm not really looking to spend a lot on the books, the ones I found were on Amazon for $2-$4 each. I'm happy for now with what we have, but I'm sure he will grow tired of the...