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Infantino Vs. Ergo Carrier

Hello Moms! I have a friend thats interested in getting a carrier. I told her that I've read and heard great things about the Ergo Carrier. She sent me an email today and I wanted to know your thoughts/advice, since I only own a sling and have no experience with either the Infantino or the Ergo. I had a quick question. I'm looking for baby carriers...and I definitely don't want the sling. My husband mentioned that you were recommended the ERGO carrier? I read some reviews on it, and it sounds great. But my husband is a bit hesistant...


Bath Toy Funk!

my son's squishy bath toys (the little animals like duckies and whales and...


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Baby Carrier Recommendations

I just asked a question about helpful hints for when baby number 2 arrives and someone that responded kindly mentioned a baby sling to help out. I think this is an awesome idea and actually meant to ask this a while back but lo and behold pregnancy brain kicked in and I forgot =) When we were shopping for baby items for my first we bought a Moby sling (the large and long stretchy piece of fabric that can be tied many ways) and I HATED it. It was in my opinion the biggest waste of $60. I found it very hard to tie to where if felt...


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Bath Toy Funk!

my son's squishy bath toys (the little animals like duckies and whales and stuff by infantino - the ones that squirt water) have gotten some kind of fish tank algae funkiness to them. i've had them soaking in vinegar+water for a few days but i can still squirt the algae stuff out of some of them. is there a way to clean them?? or do i just throw them out and get a new set (kindof heartbreaking as they were a gift...). thanks!!


Sling to Carry Baby.

Can anyone recommend a good brand for a baby sling (perhaps a webiste you...

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6 Week Old High-Need Baby

My son is 6 weeks old and wants to be held all the time, we have tried a bouncer, a swing and even the stroller but does not like to be in these places; he will cry endlessly until you pick him up. He does not doze off to sleep on his own rather he has to be rocked, nightime and daytime are the same as far as his crying goes. The pediatriacian told us our son had colic bit this crying business is all day not just sometimes!! I want to get a baby sling, it is recommended by Dr. Sears. A baby sling is supposed to calm babies and later on...


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Sling and Carrier Advise

I have a 11month and a 3yr old girls. I am carrying them around all the time! I have wanted a sling since I had the 3yrold, I got an infantino one for the baby at my shower, but the was good for a few months now not so good. I want something I can use on my hip and back as well and easy to use! I was on all kind of web sites and youtube yesterday and I am more confused as to what to get. I dont want to spend a lot, she is almost a year and my last one so dont want to spend $100, but I need something she is going to break my arm off! ##...