Baby Sign Language

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Sign Language

R.Y. asks from Miami

I would love to teach my future baby (due in 6-8 weeks) sign language. Any recommendations as to where/how to begin? Any classes/books?


Sign Language

M.M. asks from Dallas

I am a first time mom and would like to teach my baby sign language. I was wondering if anyone out there has done the same and could recommend the best book to buy. ...


Sign Language

R.I. asks from Miami

I'm a proud parent of a 2yr. Old daughter. My daughter is extremely advanced and i want to take advantage of her learning skills to teach her baby sign language. Sh...


Sign Language

R.I. asks from Green Bay

I am a mother of an active 8 month old son. He is crawling all over the place and taking a few steps already. I have been reading about sign language use with babies ...


Baby Signs

S.P. asks from Boca Raton

Does anyone know where they are offering baby sign classes? Would anyone else be interested? Only place I know of is in Boca!!! If I can get a group together they wi...


Baby Sign Language

A. asks from Chicago

I'm interested in taking a class on baby sign language. Does anyone know where classes are offered?


Baby Sign Language?

C.G. asks from Albuquerque

I was wondering if anyone had some information on baby sign language. I understand it is a good way for children to learn to communicate and express themselves before...


Baby Sign Language

C.W. asks from Madison

I would love to start my son on some baby sign language. Any good books or suggestions on how to get started with that? - He is 6 months. Thanks!


Baby Signs

K.C. asks from Lancaster

Do you sign with your baby/todder? I have been signing with my two sons since they were born. My oldest one started signing at 6 months and my youngest one started ...


Baby Sign Language

J.G. asks from Phoenix

I have been looking into teaching my 5 month old son sign language. Has anyone taught their baby and how did it go? Im looking for something in the Phoenix area, ...