When Is Too Late to Register for Summer Camp?

Updated on April 28, 2010
D.B. asks from Springfield, PA
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Every website says register early. What does that mean? When is too late? Also what options are there for older kids? My daughters are a good age - I think- 6 and almost 9. My son is 13 and I am not sure what to have him do. I am a single mom and have never had to do this before. I am recently divorced and last summer was laid off. I was thinking of camp at their school but it is kind of expensive. If I take until May 15 to decide- am I too late? How do you make this decision? Help!!!

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answers from Harrisburg on

I know there is still time-some camps stay open right up until camp starts as long as they have the space. I'm sending my son to day camp to see how he does as this will be his first year going. I just recently signed him up using this: http://www.lutherancamping.org/index.php
While it is religion based you do not have to be lutheran and they are not there to convert everyone-just a good wholesome experience. I grew up going to these camps as well. They also offer camperships which help to pay for some campers, you have to register for that and the sooner for that, the better.

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answers from New York on

It's not too late. You'll find a spot somewhere.


answers from San Francisco on

Mid May sounds good. I don't think that this is to late. I am in Ontario and they have a wonderful camp for all ages including your son (they do canooeing etc. with the older ones') The camp is with the Y.M.C.A. I'm sure that they are all over. You can also get in touch with a Church in your area, some of them have great camps as well. With being a single mom, you should not have any problem at getting a cheaper rate. Good luck!!
Some even have busing to get there/back.



answers from Philadelphia on

There are so many camp options in the Philadelphia area, you shouldn't have a problem finding one in mid-May. A good website to check out for some different camp listings is www.signupforcamp.com.
Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

are you looking for a day camp? or a resident camp (stay overnight). My son goes to Camp Christopher in Bath Ohio every summer. We drive him to ohio (we live in the chicago area) on a saturday we spend the night and drop him at camp on sunday afternoon. He stays for 2 weeks and we pick him up on the sunday again. It is a total of $845 but it covers the 2 weeks. He is sad as this will be his last summer as a regular camper. After that he will be a junior councilor. Still fun but some work and not all play lol. It a catholic kids camp. It runs from mid june thru the end of august. and it does fill up fast. his has been paid for since february



answers from Chicago on

They say to register early because the sessions fill up quickly. My kids are 11 and not interested in summer camp so not sure how I wil handle the summer. They have never been to anything like this anyway but I don't want them just sitting around all summer.

The Chicago camp for my brother filled up within 2 weeks and by me fills up before May 1 usually.



answers from Madison on

Check out your local YMCA and your park and rec. dept. Park & Rec activities are reasonably priced. Many camps fill up in April and early May depending on their popularity. I would look into several camps/activities in your area and then decide what your kids would like and what works for your budget. Their are so many possibilities for camps. Sports, art, adventure, swim, gymnastics, science...



answers from Chicago on

You may be able to apply at your local YMCA for a "scholarship" for your kids. The have day camps as soon as school lets out and even overnight camps for various ages. You would have to call them to learn more.

As far as your question, when is too late? It depends. Some places have cut off dates for registration. Some close when they are full. Others allow open enrollment, so you can wait last minute. Obviously if you need the "child care" then sooner is better so you ensure you have a spot for your children for the summer.



answers from New York on

Register early means we have a limited amount of space available and there's a possibility that if you wait to long the camp will be filled. Many camps will also give you a discount for early payment.

My girls go to Girl Scout Camp (note: you do not have to be a current girl scout to attend, but you will have to become a member for a $12 membership fee). I pay $180 a week for day camp, that includes transportation and the bus stop is 1/4 mile from my house. I've registered them as late as the beginning of August for a session that started mid August. I lucked out, there was space available.

Lots of things to consider when choosing a camp. Do you want day camp or overnight camp? What types of interest do your children have? Do you want them all at the same camp? Does the camp provide transportation, is transportation an extra cost? Many camps go from 9 to 3. Will you need before or after camp care, what's the cost?

If your considering the camp at school, call the school and ask if there is a deadline for registration.

Good luck.

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