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Upwards Basketball Program

S.G. asks from Norfolk

My son likes basketball and a neighborhood mom suggested he register for the Upwards basketball program which is associated with our local church. We don't attend th...


Basketball in Saginaw Area for 8Yr. Old Girl

K.T. asks from Dallas

My daughter is interested in Basketball after she participated in a basketball camp earlier this summer. I am having problems finding any information for basketball i...


Basketball Program for 5 Yr Old?

A.S. asks from Dallas

Somehow we missed tball (and cant get anyone to respond thru phone or email) and soccer. We werent sure about football this early, but my son really enjoys basketbal...


Seeking Youth Girls Basketball Lessons or a Team to Play With

A.D. asks from Dallas

Hi, My little girl is 6 years old, very competitive and wants to play basketball. Can anyone help with suggestions. I live in Addison and can go out as far as Plano t...


NCAA Basketball

D.B. asks from Charlotte

Who are your favorite remaining NCAA teams? Yeah, Moms like basketball too!


Basketball Party

B.C. asks from New York

Hi Mamas- I am planning a basketball themed playgroup for a group of moms with kids ranging from a few months old to about 3 years old. I have a little tykes basket...


A Basketball Question

J.F. asks from Dallas

This has to do with my brother. He plays high school basketball and just bought himself a new pair of shoes. He has been wearing them in practice to break them in. ...


Seeking a Basketball Program for My 9 Year Old Daughter in Gwinnett County

K.G. asks from Atlanta

We recently moved to the area and are looking for a basketball program for ou 9 year old daughter. She loves basketball but we have been unable to locate programs fo...


Basketball Hall of Fame

J.R. asks from Boston

Just wondering if anyone has been to the Basketball Hall of Fame in Sprinfield? I was just wondering about how many hours we should count on spending there for the da...


Basketball Spirit Ideas

S.N. asks from Louisville

I am attempting to make some type of special treat or small inspirational gift for my 12 year old sons basketball team for each of their games. I have made bookmarks...