Day Camp

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J.L. asks from Pittsburgh

I just sent my seven year old son off to camp for the first time, and I am so nervous. This is is first time away from home by himself. Do any one think it will be wr...


Summer Day Camp

S. asks from St. Louis

I am looking for an all day summer camp or something of that sort to send my 6 year old girl. She gets bored at daycare all day and I am looking for an alternative. S...


Summer Day Camp Info

B.W. asks from Los Angeles

summer camp info for 4 1/2 year old boy.... day camp, arts, music, crafts, sports, etc.... near Hancock Park/Beverly Hills. Also, Does Hollywood Bowl offer kid mu...


Day Camp Pick up - Am I Being Ridiculous or Are They?

J.B. asks from Boston

My younger boys are in a day camp this week at our local YMCA. The camp is less than a mile from my house. Part of the reason that I picked this camp for this week is...


Day Camp Snack Ideas

M.3. asks from Salt Lake City

My 5 year old is starting a week long day camp where he needs to bring a snack each day. He won't have access to a fridge so he needs snacks that are not perishable....


Should I Send My Daughter to Day Camp?

R.W. asks from New York

Hi! I have a 3 year old daughter who is currently in preschool and she loves it. Her preschool runs a day camp during the summer. Originally, I was going to keep her ...


Day Camp Issue

J.J. asks from St. Louis

Ok I have an issue, my son started Day Camp on Monday and yesterday he was punched in the chest (my son is 6) by another boy in the 6 year old group who is twice the ...


Overnight Camp

K.C. asks from Philadelphia

Have you sent your kids to overnight camp? Did *YOU* go to overnight camp as a child? I'm considering sending my 10yr old for a couple of weeks this summer. I think ...


Camp Invention

B. asks from Minneapolis

Has anyone sent their children to a "Camp Invention" day camp? They have an "Innovate" Program, a "Create" Program and an "Imagine" Program. All are full day and run ...


Fat Camp

S.C. asks from San Francisco

Hello Mamas, I am wondering if any of you lovely ladies have any experience with a fat camp/ fat farm/ weight-loss camp for adults. I am interested in going to one,...