Learning: Water Toys

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Outdoor Activities for Toddlers?

Hi! I'm wondering if any of you know of any great outdoor activities for toddlers- in a group setting or not. My 2.5 year old little boy loves to fish ...


Summer Fun!

I am looking for free and or inexpensive things to do for the summer....


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Swimming Lessons

I want to take my 8 month old twins to swimming lessons at the local YMCA. The nurse at my doctors office said she thought they were too young? He fe...


Home Party Ideas

Hello Mamas - My baby girl is turning 6 in July and has asked to have her party ...


Swimming in Clarkston

I recently relocated to Clarkston from Brighton. My three year old has been tak...

Playing with Others

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What Should We Play?

My son has just turned 17 months old. I sometimes feel like he gets bored when he plays. Well he isn't really bored, but I am just wanting some new ide...


Birthday Question

I know I'm WAY early in asking this, but my son is turning 5 in early July. He w...


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School Fall Festival

Hello, Myself and other moms are planning our brand new school first big event,...