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Updated on September 12, 2011
T.M. asks from Tampa, FL
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I am looking ahead for Christmas this year. I am thinking about buying a DS for each of my children - they will be almost 4 and 6 by Christmas. They absolutely love playing games on my Nook. However, I am confused about the different DS models. I would prefer a more basic model...I don't think that they need to be able to surf the web...nor would I want them too. Is the DS appropriate for this age group? Which model would best fit our needs?

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answers from Miami on

If you want something more basic, why not consider LeapFrog's new LeapPad? I just replaced my kids' Leapster Explorer with the new LeapPad and they are loving it, and so am I. I love it so much I wrote a review of it - here's a link if you'd like to read my review:

Mine are almost-5 and 6, by the way, and they LOVE this LeapPad - it's leaps (no pun intended!) and bounds ahead of the previous devices!



answers from Tampa on

My father in law bought my me and my husband a DS Lite the year my oldest was born. My 4 and 5 year old girls love to play with it. It's a great time killer waiting in the car line to pick up my 5 year old.

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answers from Dallas on

I suggest a DS lite. They were on sell for 99 dollars at Target. My 7 year old loves his and it's great to help pass time for them if they have to do some waiting. Also the DS games can be played on all the different game systems, even the 3D one. Of course it wouldn't be in 3D, but I love that you can get all of them if you wanted to.


answers from Washington DC on


my boys are 9 and 11 and have the DS - the simple model...they have a friend who has the XLi - think that's the model - with a camera and internet access - nope...not for my kids...

There are some GREAT games for the DS and even stuff for you too - a cooking one - it's a hoot!!!




answers from Chicago on

They will have great deals on black friday for DS Lite. Its enough for their age and they will love it! We got ours for $79 online that day. Def reco Walmart online.



answers from Dallas on

I bought one for my daughter, but I bought a used model at GameStop. I also buy her used games there. She could care less about the packaging and I save a ton of money (a new game runs about $40, used I can get one for $10).


answers from Jacksonville on

DS Lite is probably what you want. I used to think age 4 was too young, but these days, not so much. It is also much cheaper than the the XL version or the DSi, which have cameras and web capabilities, or the 3 D, which may not be good for some people. You can also pick up tons of games (used) at GameStop or other gaming stores, at discounted prices.


answers from Orlando on

My son got the DSi xl for christmas last year when he was 4 and still plays it. You can set controls so they can't get online. They also have some great games for younger kids like crayola adventures. The DSi xl I think is worth the money because the screen is bigger then the lite. And back to the games most of the games are easy to play. My son is 5 and loves batman Lego, and pokemon. I would look into what games they have that you kids will like. As far as vtech my son had one and only played with it for a few months and got bored with the games.



answers from Honolulu on

The Nook, is a "touch pad" type of usage. Just like an iPad.
It is easy for kids and very intuitive based.

A DS, is used with a stylus.

My kids, prefer the iPad. But my daughter does have a DS.
The DS also has a smaller screen. Than a Nook or iPad.
It (the DS) is harder on the eyes. I would not, per the 4 year old, let him use it that much. For that reason.

My Daughter, hardly uses her DS. She prefers to use my Hubby's iPad or iTouch.
AND there are MANY kid type games and app's and educational games for it.

You can get an iTouch for about the same as a DS.
I would buy an iTouch instead. Or an iPad for the family.


answers from Dayton on

My DD got a basic DS when she was 4.
Actually, DH bought it for himself...
She has tons of fun and educational games, so I am not sure what Beth is talking about. No offense, Beth!
She has Backyardigans, Ni Hao Kai-lan, Let's Draw, Hello Kitty, Book Worm, and many others. Too many. ;)
She plays it whenever I let her-weekends only. She will be 6 very soon.



answers from Wausau on

my son has the ds xl. The internet is not great and the camera is not either. I would say the best one for your little ones, would be the lite. They run pretty inexpensive, and they are small enough for their little hands. Good luck, and happy holidays, mama!!


answers from Boston on

I agree with the ds lite. They will love them. In fact I have my sons old one. I upgraded his. It wasn't worth the upgrade. ;)
Try to find a good deal. Type nintendo ds lite in the search bar..... Search all departments and it will search over 4000 stores for you to find you the best deal. This site will be even better in a week. Big update coming September 14 th.
You will also earn cash back on your purchase. ;)


answers from Biloxi on

My some has had some version of the DS since he was 6.You can purchase age appropriate games, and for the DSi set controls to limit the web access. The camera on it is fun - they can take picture then draw on them, distort them, etc.

Start checking prices as bundle packages are usually offered closer to Christmas.

Have fun.



answers from Chattanooga on

I highly recommend the DSi XL. My daughter has that and the screen is much larger than the regular DS which I feel is too small and harder on their little eyes. It is by far the best gift we have ever gotten her and the one she has played with the most overall. It keeps her happy in the car and when she is "bored" (like at big sister's volleyball games :). There are tons of games for their age. We have gotten her some learning type games as well...she is becoming quite the Chess player!
I do not recommend the new 3D version. The gal at Gamestop told me she got it but doesn't use it any more as it caused her to have epileptic seizures!
You will definitely want to get a Nerf cover for them which will protect the DSi WHEN (not if :) they drop them. You can get those at walmart in the accessory section.

ETA: At their age they will quickly grow out of the Leapfrog system as my daughter did, but they will play with the DSi for many years to friend's girls are 10 & 12 and they still play with theirs all the time! They have DS lite and a regular DS and they fight over who gets to play with my daughter's DSi XL because of the larger screen. A good investment overall!


answers from Denver on

the ds light is the most basic they sell now my son 6 likes the dsi because he can take pictures with his dsi and the ds light doesnt come with that option. I would not go with a vtech or leapster at this age my kids hated it, im sure there are others that like them but as they get older they will quickly outgrow these systems and they are slow game play. My kids love their ds's but only seem to play them in the car, which im not complaining about.



answers from Minneapolis on

I'm seriously considering this for my 9 year-old daughter for xmas. She was playing with a new group of kids at a campground this summer and was teased because she "didn't know how to use a DS". Wow.

We have laptops and an iPad and digital cameras and smartphones, so I thought we were "with it", but I guess not. I know she likes games and will enjoy this. I didn't think of it at 4 or 6 or even 8, that this is something I should buy for her. But I guess most parents have.


answers from Cincinnati on

My 3 and 6 yr olds have DS lite's. They're wonderful and very easy to catch on to. They are life savers in the car, grocery, and other "need to be as quiet as possible" places.



answers from Tampa on

We bought the DS for our kids right around that age and then they came out with DSI we did not up grade and like our decision they are older now but we are very mindful parents. We knew if we provided an option to get on the internet and such they would find a way because of the temptation of it.
Honestly it all boils down to how yo feel as a parent and what you are comfortable with.



answers from Augusta on

There are very few games for this age group on the DS.
Try looking into the leapfrog or vtech line of products.
The basic DS model if you are determined to get one is the DS lite or the DS. What you want to stay away from are the DSi or the DSiXL

ok let me rephrase , there are very few games for this age that you can actually find


answers from Columbus on

We have the DSlite. No camera with this model. Which is perfectly fine for us. Our kids are 7 and 4 and they love it. We play Mario Brothers and Carnival Games. While it took my youngest a while to get the hang of it, he's now an old pro. We haven't had them long, so right now it's only a 'fun' thing. Our daughter's birthday is coming up in October and we're looking for some other games to add, so I'll be watching the other responses you get.

Good luck!

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