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Updated on August 10, 2012
C.F. asks from Naperville, IL
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Hi moms! My daughter will be 3 at the end of the month and I am considering getting her an electronic learning system for her bday. I am totally not up to snuff with all that is out there. I myself do not have an ipad, ereader, touch, even an ipod! I have an android smartphone and a windows based laptop...so I am totally unfamiliar with what is out there in this space.

I have heard of various systems like mobigo, leapster, etc. and also know that people buy their kids ipads, tablets, etc. I am confused. What are the pros/cons of these systems? What do your kids love? I would like something that is durable and that she will not soon outgrow - but that offers age appropriate opportunities for learning. I also have a 1 yr old son and am expecting another son in a couple of months....so something with staying power would be excellent!

Thanks in advance, there is so much out there!

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answers from Charlotte on

I SO agree with Kiki. She needs manipulatives, spacial learning, books, puzzles, Duplos, Lincoln Logs, play-doh, train tracks, water play, museums, playgrounds, tumbling, gymnastics, swimming - the list goes on. There will be SO much time for electronics later.


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answers from Phoenix on

Big fat waste of money and totally unnecessary. What will happen is either a) she will lose interest in it after 3 days, b) she will lose or break it or c) she will become an electronics zombie & not know how to play by herself or use her imagination. Have you seen the kid with handheld game system at a restaurant who won't talk or look up? Ugh.

I really just think these "educational" electronics are clever marketing to make parents feel like they're staying with the times & are good parents. You can do all of what those can do and more the traditional way. Kids like simplicity.

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answers from Dallas on

My daughter received a Leap Pad Reader for her 3rd bday, as well as some other vtech learning toys. She found them momentarily interesting,but that was all. As a 4 yr old, she has thoroughly enjoyed her Fisher Price iXL which I think may be in process of being discontinued, and she also enjoys her LeapPad. What she enjoys more than any of that, though, is taking my blackberry or iPad or playing games on the p.c. Even then, a few minutes is enough for her and she's ready to color, paint or actually DO something.

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answers from Augusta on

Well I disagree, they do have an educational value, and you better get used to it because technology is taking over! Even in schools! Some schools are using Ipads! You should get an Ipod not only because you can play games, listen to music, there are also educational apps that you can download too, that actually help learn to write and trace letters, learn numbers, count, alphabet, anything you can think of! There are also educational games to play with too. I have a second job as working at a daycare and we use these all the time, ive seen development growth in some of the kids too. I think youre daughter will never grow out of the tablets or an Ipad, when she gets older, she can just delete all the apps thats she's grown out of, and download more that suits her. They even have apps for older kids that are in middle school, my daughter's school, they do everything on the computers, and even have ereaders instead of books! By the time your daughter gets in middle school technology will be sooo advanced! (My family is always up too date with technology so its easy for me to adjust) Hope this helped!

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answers from Chicago on

I strongly have to disagree with mira... i got my son the vtech inno tab when he was 2 he learned how to do math using it he is now four and can count money do simple math (addition and subtraction) and he's never spent a day in school.... i do limit his use tho... it's used in the car for longer rides and other than that he can play for 30 minutes a day... my 8 and 9 year old niece and nephew also mess around with it from time to time so it's not something she will grow out of. my son loves the micky mouse game and toy story the best and to me they are the ones that helped him with recognizing words the most. it is also very durrible considering it fell down a flight of 16 stairs onto cement and all it did was shut off, but still works perfectly fine. there are several lil girl games like disney princesses and what not and it also doubles as a book wich is my sons favorite personally... i do suggest gettin rechargable batteries and or a wall charger adapter wich is sold seperately <~~ my only complaint. and dow the road you can get her a vtech kiddy zoom camera wich is 100 percent compatable with the inno tab and she can upload music pictures and videos that she herself took or made... my son does not have the camera just simply because he chose a new game instead.... i reallllllllllly hope this helped and i honestly swear by the tab...

in other words


good luck...



answers from Chicago on

I bought my 5 year old a Leap Pad ($99) for his birthday, and he loves it. My 3 year old loves it even more. He uses it daily--if I let him he'd use it all day every day. We've had it since January, and it is still their favorite electronic toy. He prefers it even over my iPad.

Their favorite game: "Digging for Dinosaurs"



answers from New York on

Sorry -- I'm a party pooper -- but those things really don't have educational value. They just get kids attuned to bells and whistles, and then those kids have a hard time concentrating in school. The best learning system, by a million and ten miles, is a book.

I do recognize that you have your hands full, and I think it's quite reasonable that you're considering one, but those things are addictive, and not in a good way.




answers from Milwaukee on


Just because you want to add some electronic aspect to your household does not mean you don't have paper, playdoh, blocks, building things etc... you also are keeping with the times and using electronics for learning. I have found the iPad to be the best for educational games. It can also be used for downtime fun. You would want to get a durable case for it because it's not something that can handle being thrown across the room.

My kids school has iPads for each of the kids and my DD's therapist uses an iPad for parts of her therapy.

They are so easy to use that your 1 yo will be picking it up and playing too.

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