Ipad for 3 1/2 Yo?

Updated on January 10, 2012
L.V. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
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Hi does your 3 yo toddler use Ipad? I am thinking of buying one for my child, what are the good uses for the ipad for a 3 yo? thanks mmoms

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So What Happened?

Hello, thanks moms for your answers, I know nothing about Ipads that why I posted this question. I will go with a leap pad for now, I think my son will enjoy this instead of something so expensive, thanks, moms, for your answers, and no, this isn't a troll question, i am just not that knowledgeable about computers, thanks moms!

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answers from New York on

My daughter's sophmore/junior history class is getting ipads for classwork. Many parents (including me) have concerns because ipads can damage so easily. Even if I had a huge disposal income, no way would I ever spend +$500 on a toy for a preschooler.

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answers from St. Louis on

I am soooo glad the other moms are responding as they are! Thank you, moms!

I fully agree....find something more appropriate for a child. My vote is for VTech or Leapster. Peace!

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answers from Allentown on

Hi, L.V.:
OMG! A toddler. Why?
Have you researched the effects that electronics
do to babies?
I am concerned about the addictive qualities
of all electronics in the hands of not only adults
but children as well.

Just a thought.

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answers from Phoenix on

Okay, I mean this as nicely as possible... Are you serious? I can't think of one valid reason why a 3 year old would need such a fancy gadget. If you want your child to have a handheld video game system, then get a Leapster or whatever they are, if you must. If you want your kid to learn, than do it with him or send him to preschool. Anything the Ipad can offer to a 3 year old is better done the old school way, IMO. Board games & paper & crayons are a far better purchase. No way, no how would I purchase such a high dollar item for a kid who can barely wipe their butt.

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answers from Chicago on

are you serious? there are far better choices that are more suitable for a 3 yr old, that are probably more fun for that age.

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answers from Washington DC on

You are kidding me, right?
Get a Leapster or something like that. An iPad is not a toy. If you have one and you want your toddler to sit quietly and use it once in a while, then fine, but don't buy your toddler an iPad! They do break if dropped or thrown. They are connected to the internet. They are not for babies.

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answers from Indianapolis on

Um I just going to be totally blunt, noooo. That is alot of what's wrong with kids now adays, they are absolute spoiled brats. An Ipad at 3, what's next...? I don't care if you have the money for it or not, that's absolutely ridiculous. They need a Leapster or something like that, something more age appropriate. You start in this young getting stuff that expensive for them....well, all I'll say is you're going to be in for a long haul dealing with this child and what they expect and it's not gonna be fun.

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answers from Augusta on

um NO. Do not spend 500- 600$ on your toddler for an ipad!!
it's not a toy. They aren't worth the money either.
And they are NOT durable, they are very thin and NOT toddler friendly. Buy something like the new leap pad. something designed for a toddler.

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answers from Kansas City on

I would not buy one just for my child. If you had one, yes I would let him play with it. My 3.5 year old plays with my ipod touch all the time, there are tons of apps for kids. We can't afford an ipad. My cousin has one, her 3 year old plays with it also.

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answers from Providence on

Oh good lord. I would never spend that much money for a 3 year old to be entertained, even educated on. It would be broken the same day you got it. Leapster has some good programs. Books are even better though!

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answers from Boston on

look into the leap frog leap pad :)

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answers from Detroit on

It's one thing to have an Ipad for yourself that you happen to let your 3 yo play with sometimes - it's quite another to actually buy one that is for them. Like some others have said, there are better ways for them to learn, and fortunately, they are all a lot less money. $600 paid for my daughter's entire year of 3 year old preschool last year.

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answers from Philadelphia on

We have a nook which is kind of similar to a ipad. Why would you purchase something so expensive for a toddler?
If you want to have something on hand for your dr appt and such get a Nook for yourself. Its smaller and cheaper. The most expensive model is $250. the internet connection is free. The app start at FREE and can be as much as $4.99 ea. They have some lovely app for younger kids.
I do have some app for my kids on my Nook but my Nook is mine and they have to ask first. My kids are 5yrs, 7yrs and almost 12 yrs.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Heck yeah! My 3 1/2 year old loves, loves, loves the books! Both of my kids (3 and 6) like the educational apps too. We all fight over the thing at my house.

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answers from Dallas on

well we dont have an ipad, but my 3yo is currently playing with my ipod touch. my 2yo also plays with it. They love it. Plenty to do.

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answers from Chicago on

We didn't buy the ipad for our toddler, but yes we have one to be used by the whole family. My 3.5 yo loves it. He can watch movie, play games, and loves some educational apps. He learns to make puzzle (without a mess), matching things (without missing pieces), colors, shapes, letters, alphabets, etc.
He dropped it occasionally and make it dirty. But ipad is pretty durable and scratch resistance. It's very easy for a little uncoordinated fingers to navigate. We looked for free apps (usually trial one) and when the kids like it a lot and quite good, we purchased it for $.99-4.99 each.

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answers from Kansas City on

Okay, I have to say I don't have an IPAD because I don't have the money and I have a house full of computers. But I am upset by the ignorant responses below. And yes, I'm saying it's ignorance. First of all, 3 year old's do NOT have to drop electronics. They can and should be taught to use them sitting down, either on the couch or at the table and only mom hands the computer or Ipad to them. When I first bought my leapsters I had to teach my kids to carry them right and not by the attached pen.

I also do not believe any of the propaganda against SCREEN time and kids. Whatever. It's stupid. I've spent my life dedicated to my kids and we get a lot of screen time. Every child I have ever had is leaps and bounds above the children that come to me with backgrounds deprived of electronics. Once they are with me they learn faster. Not only do they learn to read faster by using these programs, but they learn how to treat property (I'm not going to let them ruin expensive things), and they learn how to sit, relax, learn, use their brains, and they don't have the need to bounce off the walls. We plan our busy times, pull back the furniture and dance etc. My kids learn to talk faster and they know more about most any subject because of the knowledge that comes from embracing technology.

I absolutely WANT and need to upgrade 4 of my computers and that's consuming my financial plans at the moment. Then I want to get at least one or more of the color nooks and eventually, yes, an IPAD.

The world will not stand still. We will continue to create and embrace technology and no child should be left behind.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I think spending this much money on something that can break so easily on a 3 yr old is stupid. Kids that age don't understand the price of things and won't know to be careful

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answers from Tulsa on

My son is 4 and uses my iPad. There are a lot of kid games that teach letters, number, phonics, etc. There are also a lot of children's books that you can download. Not to mention some of the adult games, like Angry Birds and Pocket Frogs keep my son entertained.

I bought my iPad for me and only let him use it some of the time. I wouldn't have bought it solely for him. He gets sucked into the thing and would be on it all day if I let him.

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answers from Denver on

this is a total troll question - no one would in their right mind would consider spending $500 on an adult computer 'system' for their 3 year old. And on the off chance it's not a troll question - umm - are you crazy? No no no

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answers from Great Falls on

I wouldnt nessecasrily buy it "for" the 3 YO but rather "for" the family. Its crazy to think of a kid that young using technology that I don't even have. But then again, at this day in age ive seen 3rd graders with cell phones. If u do decide to buy this, only let your child use it with supervision. 1. those things are sturdy for adult use, but a 3 yo could easily drop it or throw it purposely or accidentally. 2. those things have internet accsess! I wouldnt want MY child at that age going onto the internet weather its on purpose or accidentally hitting the button. but seriously, theres some weird a stuff out there that I would closely moniter. anyways aside from the bad, I think an Ipad could be used as a learning tool and i think it is a great idea. I dont know much about the difffernt apps they have but i am sure there are plenty of games and things designed for kids and learning. its like buying them a leappad, but a leappad he/she would probably grow out of in a few years. where as an ipad could last a long time, and provide entertainment for the whole family!


answers from Redding on

My 3 yr old granddaughter uses one. Mom keeps it put up and gives it to her when the time is right.



answers from New York on

My kids 5 and 7 love our I pad, they loved it so much I ended up getting another one so that me and hubby can have our own. The app's are great and the books are good, they love it. I don't know if it's a good idea for a three year old since they might break it easily or get it wet, etc. What about a touch screen monitor for your computer this way it's stationary and not so easily broken or misplaced. On another note you asked a question, you didn't ask for anyone to judge you or call your idea "stupid". I think that has moms we should support each other and not come down so hard on each other. Sorry for all the responses that you received that were negative.



answers from Chicago on

The iPad has every app an itouch or iPhone has. It's also basically a laptop computer. You would probably find yourself using it more than your child.



answers from Chicago on

Our company has just launched Children TV application for iPad. There are hundreds of safe sorted cartoons. You can enjoy videos in 10 languages and filter only the once of you interest. So your kids will have fun and study new languages by simply watching cute kids’ videos. Filter by age category is also available. Check out the application here:



answers from Boise on

I'm sure everyone has their own opinion but our children (4 and 2) love the iPad and NO they are not spoiled brats. We limit their time with it as well as the TV (they only get a half hour of tv a day) but there are a lot of educational applications for them that they enjoy. If it won't break the bank for you and you won't be heartbroken if it gets broken then I say go for it.


answers from Denver on

ipod touch is similar to an ipad without the internet access and you dont have to pay a monthly fee but it has all the apps that you can get for free or pay for, not near as big. contains all the music you want from you itunes library. you can put movies and stuff on it. Just throwing out there that those are available too. but yes a little fragile for a 3 year old unless supervised while using it



answers from Boston on

We bought an iPad for our 8 year old and our 3 year old (then) loves it. She plays Dress up, Baking, Cooking and other games and learns a lot too.

It's a misnomer that iPad is not for children, yes it is expensive and yes it is not a toy, however, it is one of the most useful game/learning devices that a child can get their hands on. More over, there is no frustrations losing Cartridges, spending tons of money buying cartridges and above all, the interface is extremely kid friendly and the device is so thin, even a 2 year old can carry it and play.

Your 3.5 yr old will enjoy and learn Continents, United States and landmarks, Numbers, Counting, Alphabets, Memory and Matching from this perfect learning game Preschool Monster Island from hiMahi.com.


http://www.himahi.com .......where it is Play + Learn = :)

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