Honest Opinions of Those Owning the LeapPad 1 or 2 - Brooklyn,MI

Updated on September 10, 2012
T.M. asks from Brooklyn, MI
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I'm sure this has been asked several times but I'm looking for recent honest opinions of the following gaming systems.
Our kids are 7, 5, and 4

Please Note: We own (1) Leapfrog Explorer & (3) DS systems

Honest opinons...
Is it really worth getting the new LeapPad 1/2 OR is the Explorer just about the same (minus the fact it doesn't have a camera)

Again, I'm very familiar with the Explorer since we have one.

The DS is just not educational. I have seen that the Explorer has really helped in letter recognition especially in our 4-year-old.
So I'd like to get one more Leapfrog product and just not sure if I should go with what I know, the Explorer, OR go with the other.

Thank you in advance!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Have them and they sit and draw dust. The kids haven't touched any of the game systems at all since I got a smart phone. The world has improved and the leap pad system is old fashioned. It is a BIG step backwards.

I say move forward and do a pad or some other kids of touchscreen item that can be used more like a computer with internet access and all the bells and whistles.



answers from Detroit on

My 6 year old has a DS, LeapPad and the Explorer...the Explorer to me is just the same minus the camera. Not to mention the Explorer has the option of purchasing a charger for it (an option that in non-existent with the LeapPad).



answers from Albuquerque on

Not worth it. If you're going to spend the money, get an iPad, the current version with the lowest amount of memory is fine. I know it's more expensive, but there are better educational aps on the iPad for significantly less money so you pay more up front and spend less afterwards. Your kids are too old for the LeapPad, in my opinion. The four year old would love it, and maybe the five, but why buy something they'll outgrow in a six months to a year?


answers from Detroit on

Personally, I'd say it's not worth it to get a whole new system where you have to get all new games. It's not that much different. Personally, we have the leappad (it was a gift - we wouldn't have bought it but she does like it), the fisher price iXL (she loves this and it gets played with often), a Kindle Fire (great for books and Android games), a DS (I agree - not educational in the least), an Android tablet (Axiom is the brand I think). We aren't Apple people - we're Google/Android people so I can't comment on the iPad. If you're going to get something, I'd go with a cheapy tablet since you can always download new games/books/apps for it with little effort and on Android, lots of them are free. Also, check out something called "Zoodles". It's a program for the computer that takes them to various kid websites with learning games & such. It tracks what they do and how much time they spend on what for you so you can see their progress. It's pretty neat and my daughter LOVES it. :)

Edit: If you need somewhere to start looking at tablets (there are thousands of them!), I have heard good things about this one: http://www.amazon.com/Fuhu-NABI-NABI2-NV7A-7-Inch-Tablet/...

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