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Updated on February 06, 2012
P.F. asks from Laurel, MD
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My daughter loves my Nook Color and i was thinking about getting her the LeapPad, but have read good reviews. A couple i read said they wish they would have just bought their child a kindle. So, I am thinking about getting her a kindle/nook/e-reader for her 5th birthday. Any recommendations? I don't want her to have the kindle fire or the nook tablet, this would be strictly for reading book and having books read to her (she loves that she can listen to her favorite books being read by nook). Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Two of my grandkids got the Kindle Fires for Christmas, they love the apps. They are 3 and 4 so I know kids love things like this.

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answers from New York on

My kids are 3 and almost 6 and they love my Nook tablet--I have to fight for my turn! My 3 year old can use it some by herself (enough to start a book reading to her and play some games) and my older one is great with it and can do most things that don't require much reading (he is just starting to read). So I definitely think a 5 year old would do fine with an e-reader. My kids have VReaders but there aren't that many books available for them even though they are a little more kid friendly (sturdier and hardly any reading needed to use them).

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answers from Seattle on

Well..... HONESTLY.... it depends on her reading level. If she enjoys picture books still.... the color version may be the best option. In fact, the color version of the NOOK was created because parents wanted to be able to have picture books for their kids. Granted, the rest of us love color over black and white, but the driving market force was children's books.

Does Nook have refurb less expensive Nook colors for sale?

A less expensive alternative would be a hand-me-down iPhone (or refurb previous gen one...iPhone 3gs are $1 right now) with the phone part disconnected and the FreeKindleAp, or FreeNookAp. They don't have all the features of a kindle or nook, but my son and I use them on my iPhone. I put books on my son's phone by syncing it with my computer manually and moving the books I've bought into his phone.

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answers from Kansas City on

My 5 year old DD has the LeapPad and loves it. She can play games and read books on it. Plus, as Keisha said, it's really durable, as kids that age drop things alot.

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answers from Washington DC on

Just be aware the the only Nooks that will read to her are the Color and the Tablet. The e-ink Simple Touch (which is what I prefer for myself) doesn't do the interactive kids books.

My son (just turned 6/ reading since 3) has a LeapPad and LOVES it. If you want it strictly for reading, then skip it though because the ebook selection isn't as vast as for an ereader and it does LOTS of non-book stuff. That said, it has cool built in programs (if you never buy her a game cartridge) for making your own ebook, a camera, photo and video editiing etc.

For reading his actual books, he still prefers to read old fashioned paper books. His class goes to the "media center" every week and he gets to return and check out new books and that whole experience is worthwhile for him.

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answers from Orlando on

My son got a Nook color for his 5th birthday and loves it! It's helped him learn to read, and now he can get his superhero comics on it.

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answers from New York on

I just share my Nook color with my son, they should be supervised when they use it anyway I've found some very educational apps for him and some great books for low prices. I haven't told him it could get angry birds!
All our games are educational, memory games, matching, word finds, Spanish, math drill, about 2$ each. And we know they won't outgrow it.

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answers from Washington DC on

I bought my son the leappad and he loves it. I wouldn't give him the nook or kindle b/c I don't think it's durable enough. He has dropped the leappad twice and it still works like it was never dropped. He is all boy though and girl's tend to handle things better than boys lol. I don't know enough about all the things the nook/kindle can do, but the leappad has a lot of educational games that I'm not sure you can get on the others. The ebooks for the leappad feature his fav characters, would the Nook/ Kindle have those? The learning games do as well. I hope this helped some, good luck!

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answers from Boston on

I would get her the nook color because you can link your accounts and not have to the buy books again.

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answers from Detroit on

I actually really love the nook tablet not only does it narrate stories like the nook that you have but it also has a speaker where you can record your own voice reading a story so if your in the car running errands or on a road trip or in the middle of cooking dinner I think this is a great feature :) HTH

P.S. I have a 7 yr old & a 3 yr old

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