Claritin During Pregnancy

Updated on May 18, 2010
S.J. asks from Cherryville, MO
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I was taking Claritin every day when I found out I was about 6 weeks pregnant. I went to the OBGYN, and he said I can continue taking it and I have done so through the majority of my first trimester. When I do research on taking Claritin during pregnancy, my understanding is that it is considered "safe", in that they have no evidence that it causes birth defects. Am I OK to continue taking it? I want other opinions from moms in addition to my doctor's.

Not taking some allergy med is not an option, as I can barely breathe or function without something. My doctor gave me such a quick yes to taking this that I never looked into other options. I have tried benadryl and it knocks me out, so that is not an option.

Thank you so much moms!

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answers from Dallas on

I know when I was pregnant, I was having trouble with my inner ear that was causing massive dizzy spells (I would even get them by just turning my head). My doctor told me to take Claritin to clear it up. I did and it worked great, and this was happening in my 3rd trimester.

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answers from Lakeland on

I am about 30 weeks pregnant and have been taking Claritin D for the past 3 weeks. My allergies were so bad that I had trouble breathing when I didn't take the Claritin. My doctor reminded me that if I can't breathe (not getting enough oxygen)...neither can my baby. I completely trust my doctor and I will continue taking Claritin as long as I need it. Like you I tried everything else and Claritin is the only thing helping me. Good luck and I hope you get to feeling better soon.

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answers from York on

I go to the extreme when pregnant and don't take any medicines other than my prenatal vitamins. I even hesitated to take tylenol when I was pregnant. I am not a doctor but my advice is to stop the Claritin ASAP.

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answers from Houston on

When I was preg with my first I got a list from my OBGYN for SAFE MEDS to TAKE WHEN PREG. And I know that Claritin was on there. So I think it's safe to take it. As long as you only take the one daily. Congrats and Good Luck!

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answers from Philadelphia on

When I was preg I always got a list from the dr for safe meds. But now everything is on the internet just look up medicine that is safe to take during preg and switch.

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