Pregnant with Asthma and Allergies

Updated on November 07, 2006
T.M. asks from Erie, PA
7 answers

Since I got such great responses from a lot of people last time. I would like to ask a simple question to all the mothers. I have asthma and I'm 16 weeks pregnant. My OB is very strict on what I can have during this pregnancy term. Has anybody gone through this problem and what kind of medical treatment were you put on?

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answers from Scranton on

I agree with both of the last responses. I have asthma (very light case) and I was able to use my inhaler while pregnant. My doc told me that after the 2-3 month everything should be fine with the baby and I could even take my prescription heartburn stuff so you should be ok.



answers from Altoona on

just like everyone else, my doctor kept me on the same medication, i used my inhaler the most. the further along i got the asthma got worse and harder to sleep but it was worth it in the end, i did it twice and id do it again :-) if ur asthma is bad i suggest taking ur time doing things, steps,carrying stuff, etc. that's what i did, sometimes it took me longer to do stuff but i was ok with just using my inhaler or albuteral if it got too bad.



answers from Philadelphia on

I just had my son 2 months ago and I have asthma and allergies. I go to an allergist every week for allergy shots.

My allergist changed my medication from advair to Pulmicort. Pulmicort is a non-steroid asthma inhaler. I continued my allergy shots, but I only took my allergy medicine if needed (claritan & nasonex). I was also told it was ok to take the Albuterol inhaler because it is more important for your baby to have oxygen than anything else.

I had a very healthy baby boy with no complications.

If you would like the name of my allergist and ob, you can email me at [email protected] I would be more than happy to give you their information.



answers from Philadelphia on

Asthma and allergies here too. My doc said it was ok to take my inhaler. You might also want to ask about Singular. That was ok'd to take during my pregnancy with my son, and they also prescribe it for little kids and babies, so I think its safe.



answers from Washington DC on

I also have asthma. And when I was pregnant with my son my doctor just kept me on my normal as medicine as needed.



answers from Philadelphia on

I, too, suffer from bad allergies and asthma. My doctor told me that all the baby's major ogans are formed at 8 weeks. She told me I could take my regular medications as needed. For me that was Albuterol, Advair and Zyrtec. Also, instead of taking Zyrtec, I was using Benadryl, but only because at the time I didn't know that I could take my Zyrtec. I never ended up taking Zyrtec while pregnant. My philosophy is to take the least amount amount of medication that will allow you to feel well and be functional. Both my children were born perfectly healthy! God bless.



answers from Philadelphia on

Hi T.-

I have asthma and allergies as well. My asthma doc put me on Pulmicort (daily inhaler) and Rhinocort (nasal spray) as well as Claritin (over the counter). I was also able to use my abulteral inhaler. All were fine with my OB. The Pulmicort and Rhinocourt are both given to children with asthma/allergies. Also, they are all safe to use while breastfeeding as well, so that was great for me.

Good luck and congrats

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