In the Womb: Claritin

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Allergy Shots and Pregnancy

HI -- We are thinking about having another baby, but my obgyn wants me to stop my allergy shots for 2 months before we start trying and not start back up until 2 months after the baby is born. Does anyone else take allergy shots? Has anyone been pregnant and taken allergy shots? Does anyone know how allergy shots effect the baby?

Third Trimester

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Breastfeeding Moms W/allergies

As allergy season is taking a strong hold now I am suffering terribly. Last year when I was pregnant, I stopped taking all medicines but didn't seem to struggle with allergies so much. This year, I am still not taking anything (mostly because I don't know what is safe) because I am breastfeeding. I don't want my little guy to ingest anything he doesn't need to be exposed to. My family dr. wasn't too much help as he just recommended a nasal mist which has done nothing. Are there any other breastfeeding moms out there with allergies?...

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Claritin and Other Allergy Meds

My son often gets runny nose/cough symptoms and my pediatrician has recommended that I try putting him on Claritin to manage those symptoms. I am reluctant to put him on medicine for prolonged periods of time. Dose anyone have information about any potential harmful effects of long-term use of allergy medicines in toddlers? Also, any suggestions of natural remedies that have worked would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!