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Looking for Hay Fever/Seasonal Allergy Relief That Is Safe for Pregnancy!

I've had seasonal allergies for as far back as I can remember, but I've never been pregnant during allergy season! This year seems more severe to me as I'm five months pregnant, and have constant itchy eyes, post-nasal drip, dry itchy throat, etc. Icky. It's really interfering with my daily activities, especially hanging out with my two year-old. I've been sleeping with out the air conditioning on, since that seems to dry things out a little too much, but am of course ridiculously hot am and either waking up from a dry throat or from...


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Claritin or Zyrtec for Pregnancy and 3 Year Old?

Hi mommies. I am currently 7 months pregnant and my doc said I can take claritin or zyrtec. Which works best!? I am so miserable this year I can barely stand to be awake! My 3 year old is also suffering this year. His doc said the same medicines. Which works best for allergies in adults and children?


Qnasal for Allergies

Hello everyone, I was wondering if any of your children use or have used...

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Looking for Any Positive Feedback to End My Apprehension and Fear...

My son is about to 18mos old on the 11th. He has had a very bad winter (and year) with constantly getting sick. Colds, sinus infections, stomach bug, ear infections etc. You name it. The last time he was very sick, just under a month ago, he had pink eye in both eyes, a sinus infection and a double ear infection. His normal pediatrician is on maternity leave. So we saw the alternate. He put him on Omnicef (my son has taken amoxicillin, augmentim (which causes vomiting), the Zpak. Everything just seams to come back. He did his best...


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When Claritin and Zyrtec Don't Work, Try (You Tell Me)...

I RARELY have issues with my allergies as long as I'm in Texas. However, I'm now on day 4 of pretty miserable allergies. Nothing serious, just the runny nose and sneezing. Highly annoying more than anything. Historically, Claritin has solved my once a year issue. it's not working and neither is Zyrtec. I can't take Benadryl without going home and sleeping for 4-6 hours. Any other suggestions for something OTC? TIA!

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Claritin and Milk Supply?

Today my physician prescribed Claritin for my very persistent sinus problems and I am very hesitant to use it, as I'm afraid to lessen my current supply for my 12 week old. Does anyone have any current or prior experience with Claritin while breastfeeding? Much thanks to everyone in advance :)