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Mortgage Broker

M.M. asks from Dallas

Hello! Does anyone know of a Mortgage Broker that can finance Condo-Hotels? Please send me their contact ! Thanks!


I Am Seeking a Good, Honest, Mortgage Broker.

T.K. asks from Denver

Hi Everyone, I am wondering if any of you have had any good luck with a mortgage broker in the area? My husband and I are looking to buy our first house in Westmi...


Looking for Reputable Mortgage Broker That You Have Used at Least Once

M.H. asks from Dallas

We would like to talk to a broker about our refinancing options related to the recent rate drops. I am looking for someone who you have had do your own mortgage not ...


What Do You Do About Your Mortgage??

M.M. asks from Dallas

Ladies, My husband and I had a deep conversation this morning about our home mortgage, and we'd like to know what the norm is. Do most people get a 30 year loan for...



K.B. asks from Fresno

I was hoping someone could help me. My husband and I are in the process of buying our first house. I am just getting confused with the loan process. We got prequalifi...


Good, Honest Mortgage Broker Needed in Metro Detroit (Royal Oak)

S.C. asks from Detroit

I am looking for a mortgage broker that is honest, reliable and doesn't charge exorbitant fees. Thanks for your help!


Excell Mortgage Broker or Lender Needed for Condo Invest from ARM to Fixed Rate

C.S. asks from Washington DC

Can anyone recommend a great mortgage broker or lender who may have some good packages in these rough times of lending. I have a condo investment that I bought 5 yea...


Upside down on Mortgage

J. asks from Philadelphia

Hi, Everyone I have a question for you all out there. We have a mortgage where were trying to refinance but since we are upside down and are mortgage says we wi...


Looking for Mortgage Lender / Broker

S. asks from Minneapolis

My husband, my 9 month old son, and I just moved to the area about four months ago. We are wanting to buy our first home in May or June. I was wondering if any of yo...


Mortgage Refinancing

J.C. asks from St. Louis

Without trying to get into anyone's personal business, I was curious if anyone had refinanced their home. Did you get cash out for consolidation/home improvements? ...