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Looking for a Good Jogging Stroller

Hi ladies - I am in need of a good (inexpensive) jogging stroller with 2 seats. I have looked at Baby Trend(Babies 'R Us), Schwinn (Walmart), and InSTEP (Walmart). Does anyone have one that they particularly like or dislike? I'm not wanting to spend much more than $200. Thanks!

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How Long Did Your Child Use a Stroller?

Hello, Parents! At 16 months, 25 lbs, and 30-some inches, my son is growing out of his Graco stroller and his umbrella stroller. I'm thinking of "upgrading" but don't know how long toddlers actually use a stroller. I want to foster his independence and help him know how to get around and process the world on two feet. I also want to have an alternative that allows him to rest/sleep and be protected in trickier settings. And I'd like an option that's convenient for me when convenience is important. MY QUESTIONS: How long did your child...

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Seeking Input on Purchase of a Double Jogging Stroller

I am looking to purchase a double jogging stroller for my 2 1/2 yr old (35 inches and 31 lbs)and 2 month old within the next few weeks. I would love to hear what double jogging stollers other moms have liked or would warn against. I'm not a serious jogger- would be using it for daily walking and don't need all the bells and whistles, but something of decent quality. What features and have you mothers found most important? Which brands should be avoided?