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Advice on How to Ask Baby's Daddy for Financial Help

N.C. asks from Washington DC

Okay, so this seems like a very cowardly and unintelligent request, but I need a bit of advice on how to ask my baby's father for child support. I have not filed for...


Single Mom with 2 Boys Needing Financial Help!

K.M. asks from Detroit

I have tried to get help with FIA (DHS) and seem to ALWAYS get denied. I supposedly make too much money yet I can'e seem to make ends meet. I have even down graded my...


Elderly in Laws Asking for Financial Help!

M.W. asks from Minneapolis

I need advice on the best way to handle a situation with my in-laws! My in-laws are in their mid 70's and my mother in law just went to live in a nursing home 6 month...


Friend in Need

W.T. asks from Washington DC

My new friend's husband announced last night that he doesn't want to be married anymore. He moved into a friend's house after his announcement. This is sudden and un...


Advice on Friend

E.C. asks from Detroit

I have a friend that I have know since I was 5. She was raised to be very selfish and babied. I have know this and accepted this about her all her life. I know it ...


What to Do About "Friend" That Will Not Pay Back a Loan

S.B. asks from Phoenix

I made the horrible mistake of loaning a friend of many, many year money. The friends were in terrible need or so they said at the time (in 2004). We had been friends...


Need Financial Help BAD!

D.L. asks from Dallas

my husband i are having SERIOUS financial issues. we don't argue about them b/c we do everything we can to keep it to a minimum. well, about a month and a half ago ...


Need Money Quick

C.T. asks from San Antonio

Just a part of the hole we call an economy. my husband got laid off, 2 months later I got laid off, struggling not really making ends meet, we finally got work him 1 ...


Thought Person Was a Best Friend?

M.H. asks from Madison

My question is inspired by the previous 'do you have a best friend' question. I became friends with a person locally. I knew her parents first and then she moved t...


Help a Friend in Need???

K.W. asks from Detroit

Hi guys, I have a friend, who is not an extremely close friend. She has kids in my kids classes and they are friends. We talk on the phone and on the computer. She...