Financial Responsibility

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Do You Think That Finance Issues Cause Divorce

R.M. asks from Atlanta

I am curious of what other women are saying in regards to finances and marriage. Do you think thta Finance issues lead to more divorce?


Rent to Own or Lease

R.B. asks from Dallas

ok my least is coming up in a couple of months and I'm interested in a home I can owner finance or rent to own in Irving TX. I'm currently working on my credit and ha...


Paying Rent

M.G. asks from Los Angeles

Hello ladies. Ok heres my situation. My husband and I live with his grandparents. Husband and his grandma had a verbal agreement that we need to move out by march o...


My Husband Is in Finance. He Is Brilliant. Lost His Job in 2011.

H.K. asks from Missoula

Started his own mutual fund. Told me "all will be fine", "we might struggle for a few years". Well, now it's 6 years later. He went through his entire IRA. 600,00...


Is It Fair to Charge My Brother Rent?

L.M. asks from Sacramento

Hey Mama's, I am puzzling over what is the fair thing do to. Mind sharing your opinion and helping me to settle a debate with my hubby? Here is the situation.... ...


Sell House Rent Place

S.H. asks from Kansas City

Did anyone ever just sell their house and rent a place even though you had the money to still keep your house? I feel owning a home is so expensive and one thing afte...


Would You Charge Your Kids Rent?

D.H. asks from Dallas

Hi I would just like yall's thoughts on charging your children rent... My husband's oldest daughter still lives with us she is only 19 but graduated early when she wa...


Rent to Own?

J.N. asks from Philadelphia

Has anyone done rent to own/ lease to own with your house? What side were you on and did it work out? Our house isnt selling and we're considering this. If you did...


Should We Ask Our Daughter to Pay Rent?

J.J. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms: We have a 25 year old daughter who has been living at home during her senior year of college ( to help save money.. she commuted on the train downtown to s...


Rent-To-Own - Good or Bad?

M.A. asks from Columbus

My husband and I have been looking for a house to rent in the area and have been faced with a great deal of "rent-to-own" situations. We haven't given it a great deal...