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Chico or Peg Perego Carseat/stroller or Is There Better?

I'm having my first baby and want to have the best carseat/stroller. I've heard a lot about Peg Perego and Chico. I for sure want something that has a base that we can snap in and out of both of our cars and snap into the stroller. I also have a neck injury and am worried about lifting all of this! Is there any lightweight safe versions? Thanks as always for your help and advice.

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Travel System - Peg Perego or Chicco Keyfit ?

Having my second child this fall and can't make up my mind with what travel system to go with. I'm looking for anyone who's owned either brand and what their opinions are. My children will be 7 years apart so everything from my first child is expired or I got rid of. With my first child I had a Graco travel system which was great at that time but was huge and clunky. I am extremely picky and am spending the most on the travel system going all out and doing hand me downs,second hand, etc. for the rest of the babies stuff. I want something...