How to Figure Out Which Career Path Is Right for You ???

Updated on July 07, 2011
D.C. asks from Plano, TX
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we were talking with our friends today about jobs, careers and such and it got me thinking about my own.....

I work as a daycare provider and I'm not happy with it....I love the kids and my co-workers, but my boss and too many kids in class are making my job miserable......for too little money....

My husband said I need to get out of the childcare field if I want to make better money.....

But how do I know which career path to take ???

There's so many jobs out do I know which branch would be the right one if I haven't worked in any of them ???

All my experience is in education...

How do kids in the US decide which college degree to get ???

Is there a skill test or something ???

Thanks in advance !!!!!!!

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answers from Kansas City on

i am 33 and still don't know what i want to be when i grow up! i am starting to think what i want to be is a working mom with an okay job i can take pride in and a fabulous child to come home to each night. i think the secret is finding something you can tolerate, and becoming happy in your life, on your end, instead of hoping to find the "perfect" job that will be the right choice, "out there" somewhere.... i am starting to really learn that happiness is really within. just a thought. i went to college as an idiot 18 year old who had NO CLUE, and it was a complete waste of money and time. but if you think about it, how many careers are there...and how many billions of people are there on this planet? how likely is one of those careers to be a "perfect" fit for each and every one of us? i think better to do something that is comfortable. not perfect. there is no perfect job anyway. there will always be coworkers that drive us nuts or rules that are superfluous and annoying....just my perspective....

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answers from Panama City on

I am going through this also. There are personality tests and career tests online, where you fill out a variety of questions and they give a few careers that are supposed to be right for you. However, I didn't trust my results, because it said I should be a teacher. I love teachers, but my own kids drive me nuts, I would be crazy to want to be responsible for 30 other children.
My whole thing is I am a mommy of a 5 yr old and 6 yr old. What career would be fulfilling for me and how much time can I spend in school? I have decided to go for a cna certificate first, which is around 6 weeks. If I enjoy this then I will go for RN, which will probably take 2 years.
Good luck with your journey!

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answers from San Francisco on

There are skill tests and such, check at your local library or college.

Otherwise, you have to make your best guess and go for it. Waiting around for lightning to strike doesn't work, as I finally realized, in my 50's.

You have to make a choice and go for it. There are no sure things, and the truth is, most of us could be good at/happy at doing a number of things. Also, all our fulfillment does not need to come from our job. It's wonderful if your career is the thing that you are passionate about, but if it turns out to be just a way to make money, find your passion outside of your job.

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answers from Dallas on

Strentghfinders for sure!!! But buy a NEW cope from amazon, much cheaper than Barnes & Noble. Make sure it is NEW.

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answers from Dallas on

I HIGHLY recommend Alyson Federico

She is a career coach and helped me SOOOOO much. I now know I am doing what I should be doing. She helped me learn about myself and the reason my current situation at the time was NOT working. Can't say enough and she is way reasonable in price. Definitely worth the small investment.

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answers from Rochester on

You could look around in the early childhood field on the other side of it--provider support, training, advocacy. Look into non-profit agencies or services perhaps. I have a bachelor's and almost finished master's in English literature, but I'm not using it directly and probably never will. (I work for a child care resource and referral agency.)

I went with something I loved for a degree and it has marketable skills (reading comprehension, editing, communication, etc.).

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answers from Dallas on

We are doing this thing at work called Strengthfinders 2.0. It is absolutely amazing!! It tells you what your strengths are and also tells you what you would be best inclined to do. I STRONGLY suggest running to barnes and noble or borders and picking this up. It gives amazing insight into your thought process and how you can build your strengths. I am
empathy, and
I found out that I would be good in international sales after thinking no way so now I am going to try it out just to see if it is a good fit!! Please try it and tell me what you think!!!!

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answers from Tulsa on

You can take different tests to find out your strengths and weaknesses, which can help you decide what type of career you might be good at. I like those kinds of tests better than the "feelings" tests that show what your perfect career would be. The feelings tests can give different answers based on your mood that day.

Even if you find something that you are good at and think you will like, it's not a guarantee. Most people don't get their dream job on the first try, if ever. You will probably have to compromise, but hopefully you can find something that you will enjoy and succeed in.

Also, ask your friends what kind of job they think you should have. A lot of times they have really good insight because they are more objective than you are of yourself. Good luck!

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answers from Seattle on

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