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The Moral Obligation of the Parents

K.P. asks from Columbus

My husband and I were having an interesting conversation last night that ended in very differing opinions. This morning, we discussed it further and since we each st...


Do You Have a Financial Obligation to Support an 18Yo?

A.B. asks from Pittsburgh

...specifically, an 18yo who disrespects your house rules yet feels entitled to you financing her lifestyle: car, college, etc? The daughter in the link below not ...


Need Advise on Loan Modifications

E.M. asks from Los Angeles

Hello everyone, I need your advise on loan modication . I need to reduce my mortgage payment. I am a displanced worker , I can not find a decent job. I have a 15 yea...


Financial Planning?

A.G. asks from Chicago

Ugh!!! We have got to get on a financial plan. I have figured out that my mind does not like the term "budget"--it sounds so restrictive to me. Anyway, . . . We...


Problems with My Marriage and Financial Decisions

R.H. asks from Los Angeles

It will be 10 years my husband and I will be together this year. The last 2 years haven't been so good. I guess I should back up and explain where this started from. ...


I’m in a Financial Battle with My Husband

A.E. asks from Chicago

Hello Moms, This is not a normal request you see on this site but I’m hoping there may be some moms out there that can help me realize I’m either wrong or righ...


Do You Ask/expect Financial Support from Your Parents?

D.M. asks from Clarksville

I would like to know if you ask your parents for money when you really don't have any other option. The reason for my asking is that I had a big fight with my mother ...


Coping with the Financial Ruin and Illness of My Mother - Advice Please

M.S. asks from Chicago

My mother is/was very reckless and impulsive with her money, especially with regards to real estate - buying and remodeling various properties. She made a very good i...


Financial Planner/Advisor for Kids College

A.L. asks from Dallas

So, I am wondering if any financial advisors out there can help me with this. I am currently in grad school and when I finish I will be making a good salary. My oldes...


Seeking Advice on My Current Financial Situation

M.G. asks from Los Angeles

Hello Moms, Well I am seeking advice, input, help with my current situation. I was recently laid off for a company that I worked my butt off for. And unemployment ...