Divorce and Bankruptcy, and Foreclosure!!!!! Starting over at 44Yrs!!

Updated on September 25, 2010
D.C. asks from Brick, NJ
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My husband and I are divorcing after 24yrs of marriage, we lost everything, the house (that I'm still in with my 2 girls) but have to be out asap!!! Having not been in the working world in YEARS!! I was a stay at home mom/wife. I'm looking forward to starting over but just claiming CHPT-7 bankruptcy and having the foreclosure I'm afraid I will not find a place to live!!!!!!!!! I haven't used credit cards in over 15yrs, Its all to do with medical bills mostly, My 14yr has a cyst in her left temp lob in brain and I have been fighting off some sever sickness myself, we had no choice but to let the house go and claim bankruptcy. Im looking for a good job,lawyer and a safe place to live with my children. I feel sooo overwhelmed and need advice and help getting organized, I don't even know ware to start!!! Will I even qualify for a rental? townhouse?, condo? My oldest daughter and I share a car and try to work that out everyday! I know there are so many people out there that have so much less then I and I only hope I will be able to give back some day soon!!!! If any of you wonderful, strong women have any advice or experience to share I would be much appreciated. THANK YOU, HANGING ON...DF...

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answers from Houston on

I know that it seems like the impossible; but take one day at a time; think about things thoroughly before making decisions and try to look at all possible options. When looking at the options do not look at them and say how they won't work but rather look at them and brainstorm as to how they could work. Also, consider going back to school; there are many options for moms going back to school and you can even do it online. There's various financial aid options including student loans that are not based on credit. If you chose a feld that you would enjoy and also that you could get employment from, you will have no problems paying back the loans. Let me know if you need more info on how to get started. Remember, look at things and decide how they could work as opposed to how they would not work. God Bless.

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I'm sorry you are going through all of this. I really don't have specific suggestions for you other than to go to your library and get a Dave Ramsay book. I know you already declared bankruptcy and are in foreclosure but his books will give you wisdom for finances for your future. Best of luck. God bless.

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Sorry to hear/read about your divorce. I can understand that is hard, especially after 24 years of marriage. Then to start over is even harder! You got a lot of great responses that should be able to help you. It sparked my memory that the other day someone needed some of the same info. Please look at this other post from someone in the NJ area. My post is at the end and I posted a few government links on there that should be helpful.


Also, in order for me to deal with stressful situations - think about writing lists out, writing a journal, and taking walks.

Good luck and God bless!



answers from Atlanta on

I understand. I have three kids. I am back in school. I have two houses about to be forclosed on. It was my retirement savings. But, my ex wants me to walk with nothing. Therfore, we have spent at least 30 grand each in attorney fees which ate up my equity in the houses. He can make it back easy. For me, being a stay at home mom and a woman it will be tough. I feel your pain and dont know what to do myself. I have a 15, year old daughter, to die for gorgeous, a georgeous 13 year old and a beautiful ten year old boy. All blonde, blue eyes and sweet and well manered. I dont know how they will take to living in the streets, thats where were headed.

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