Retirement Planning

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Retirement Planning

C.B. asks from Phoenix

New year and new resolutions I've made on saving for now and for my future. It would be so nice to retire before 60. I don't want to be too old and still working. So ...



J.G. asks from Chicago

Do you really try to save for retirement? Or do you put off saving to buy things in the NOW? I have a friend whose kids want for nothing. They must own over 200 mo...


Tips for Planning a Retirement Party

L.M. asks from Dayton

So my father in law is retiring at the end of this month. My sister in law and I were thinking about throwing him a retirement party. First when would be a good time...



C.H. asks from Grand Rapids

My mom is turning 60 this weekend and she is also retiring this year after teaching for 38 years. I would like to get her something memorable and combine both things ...


Money for Retirement Account

O.L. asks from Los Angeles

Hi, just wondering what a reasonable amount of money is to put into one's retirement account? What type of account do you put it in?


2 Years to Retirement and the Pain of Waiting

R.H. asks from Houston

What should you plan when you are near retirement?


Mothers Retirement from Teaching

A.D. asks from Dallas

My Lovely Mother is retiring from teaching after 25+ years! I am in need of some ideas on places to have a retirement party for her and any neat ideas of how to creat...


Retirement vs College

J.G. asks from Chicago

Since there is a tension about this on the board, let's actually discuss it. Do you save more for retirement or for your kids college? Or do you save for both? And ho...


Non Working Parents and Retirement

M.L. asks from Houston

So, having recently finished the taxes... I know there are tax breaks and such on having certain retirement funds. The one my husband has doesn't work this way. But I...


Retirement and 529 Advice

M.L. asks from Houston

When my husband got a new job, he had to take his former job's retirement account to the bank. It's only about $7000. Well, it's been in there about 2 years and I jus...