Making a Career Change... Suggestions?

Updated on September 16, 2013
O.L. asks from Long Beach, CA
6 answers

My kiddies are all in school and it's starting to feel like the time to begin looking at the different options for a career change. I'm hoping to find something with flexibility since my kids don't have a full school day. I'm happy to go back to school, but I don't want to attend school for the next couple of years. I'd like to hear from other moms who have made a career change to something that has been great for them. What is it?

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answers from Philadelphia on

For H&R Block, you can work for them if you take the H&R Block tax class and pass the test. I'm enjoying it as a new career so far. And the schedules are quite flexible and if you are hired they are happy to work with you on a schedule you can match. I have my daughter in daycare still, but I'm pretty much a 9-3 most days within season (and there is definitely a season, so summers off unpaid if you want).

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answers from Oklahoma City on

One of my friends did taxes in her home and in that month or two she made enough to pay her bills for a year and have lots of extra to travel and have a good life.

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answers from Santa Fe on

I am a Biologist and I wanted something part time when my youngest started preschool. I was thinking what could I offer? What could I do? I heard of a friend who has a science writer job. Anyway, I was thinking about it and reading about this kind of job and then it was weird...a 10 hour a week technical writer job popped up here where I live. It's for a science research company. They wanted someone to re-write their website. They hired me and now I do all kinds of things for them. I work 15 hours a week now and it's flexible. I guess think about your current/past career and your skills and think what you can offer. I didn't have to go back to school, thank goodness. I already had the skills to do this kind of job. I am enjoying it although it is quite challenging bc I am often asked to do something I have never done before.



answers from Wausau on

Like Gamma G and Monica, I know three people that started doing taxes. One does personal taxes seasonally in the evening and makes quite a lot of money in the span of 4 months. You can generally choose your availability hours to suit you needs.

One started doing it full time, including business and non-profits and enjoys it. The last one only did one season because it just wasn't her forte.

I can tell you that regulations changed last year. You will be required to take short-term online classes (as usual) but the material is expanded from past years. Testing is also now done in person at secured and controlled sites, much like SAT/ACT testing, but with stricter rules. The seasonal worker I mentioned was really nervous about it, but everything was fine.

Another option some of my friends have pursued is working for the school that their children attend. Some are aides, substitute teachers, or other positions depending on their qualifications.


answers from Houston on

Substitute teach at their school.



answers from Springfield on

Well, what did you do before you had kids? For me, that's where I found my answer. I used to teach high school. When the local university needed adjunct instructors, I found a part-time job I really liked (but the pay is terrible). It later turned into a full-time job (much better pay).

I will say, it's very hard if they are not in school full-time. How long are they in school? When my kids were in preschool/preK the school day was 2 1/2 hours. Not really much you can do in that amount of time, unless you secure child care that includes transportation.

If you have something in mind that you'd like to do, maybe you could post another question beginning there. No matter what you'd like to do, it's quite possible there is a way to enter into the field in a small way that would require a small amount of child care.

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