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After 19 Yrs, I Am Getting Married. How Do I Keep My Wedding Expenses Down?

S.R. asks from Chicago

Do we have to have a dinner for everyone at the reception or can we have appetizers? Has anyone made their own food to have for a reception? I don't want to be tacky...


Paying for Wedding Expenses

L.L. asks from Houston

My 36 year old son is marrying for the 3rd time. He is a single father and for the past 3 years he and his 2 children have lived with my husband and me. One of his ch...


Step Daughter Getting Married

G.S. asks from Goldsboro

My step daughter is getting married in September. She will graduate in June, turn 19 in August and get married in September. I am really glad that she has decided t...


Getting Married

A.H. asks from Cleveland

hello everyone! so im getting married in a little less then a yr and we do not have money like some. im trying to cut budge at every chance i can, but its sooooooo h...


I'm Getting Married soon....need Advice.

C.H. asks from Lincoln

I'm not sure how to explain this all. So please bare w/ me. * How do you go about telling your family (esp. my dad, step mom and step bro) that I've met someone ...


Advice,my Husband Wants to Pay for His Adult Daughters Wedding & I Don't Agree.

J.H. asks from New York

I met my husband 6 yrs ago.He's10 yrs older,3 kids from his previous marriage,1 from before he was married.I have 2 from my previous marriage(So 6 between us)he had h...


Wedding Etiquette - Groom's Parents Are Paying

C.C. asks from Philadelphia

My son is engaged to a girl that we love. It is her second marriage and her parents will not pay or contribute to any of the wedding expenses. As the groom's parent...


Paying for the Wedding . . . Opinions, Please **Info Added

M.6. asks from New York

So, my youngest daughter, who just graduated from the Air Force, also got engaged that same weekend (she had no idea!). Boyfriend's parents are "well to do." Not...


My Husbands Daughter Is 39. She Is Getting Married in July. Do We Have to Pay

M.M. asks from Dayton

his kids have basically been estranged, except the oldest boy. for five years, he gave them all three 1000 for christmas. the oldest son always came over, not the ot...


In a Wedding

B.T. asks from Minneapolis

I'm in a wedding that is costing me a lot of money dress $150.00, shoes 30.00, hair and makeup done, spray tanning, nails. The shower is also costing a bit of money I...