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How to Buy a Good Used Car

B.R. asks from Columbus

Looking at the price of the new model car we're interested in is making us consider buying used. We've never bought a used car before, so I'm looking for advice on h...


Looking to Buy a Used Car -

A.S. asks from Chicago

i am looking to buy a used car and i am extremly scard becasue i dont want to get ripped off ... ANY SUGGESTIONS OF GOOD REPIABLE CAR DEALERS ...PLEASE ADVISE I AM LO...


Where Did You Buy Your Last Used Car?

R.D. asks from Richmond

I've almost always used craiglist when buying cars. I've had pretty decent experiences. However, now that I'm looking to buy a newer used vehicle, I was thinking of g...


Buying a Used Car

M.R. asks from New York

I am looking to purchase a 2007 Nissan Altima, the think is that this car have a tittle as a "salvage". I would like to know if anybody have bought a car with a Salv...


Buying a New Car Question

A.S. asks from Reading

do i need the new car already on my ins. policy before going or does the dealership handle that? thanks!!!!!


Re: Looking for a Good Used Car Dealership

R.O. asks from Chicago

Hello, I wanted to look for a used car but I am weary about them. Does anyone have any recommendations of where to go in the North side of Chicago or North, Northw...


Is Buying Used Car Really That Much Saving?

S.G. asks from Washington DC

I have a 10 year old car that is about at it's life's end. I bought it new for $22K. I can sell the car for $2k now. So basically the car cost me $2k a year to own. I...


Suggestions on New Car

R.P. asks from Seattle

I recently got a new position at work that will increase my wage and will give my hubby and I to get a new car! At this time we have a two door Hyundai Accent hatchb...


Used Car for Sale?

K.R. asks from Phoenix

Hello everyone! My family and I are new to the area. We are looking to buy a used car and are wondering if anyone has a car for sale or knows a good place to go??!!...


How to Buy a New Car?!

S.R. asks from Amarillo

Hello everyone! My husband and I are in the market for a new car, but we have never bought one from a dealership before, and are a bit intimidated by the whole proce...