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Investing Money

T.C. asks from Minneapolis

if you were to invest like a hundred bucks or so in something what would you invest in? i know nothing about investing but my husband has this idea that we should try...



M.G. asks from Texarkana

I have a 401k from when I was working. I am trying to figure out what the safest and most accesible place to put it is. I hope to go back to school when my children s...



L.M. asks from Atlanta

anyone familiar with buying stock i want to investin some stock. i was wondering if anyone wa familar with sharebuilder or etrade any of those. dont have alot to inve...


Need Money Saving Tips

J. asks from Dallas

Hello mamas, I have always seen such good advice from this group I thought I would give it a go. With the economy getting tighter I need some good money saving tip...


My 11 Yr Old Wants to Buy Stock

F.C. asks from Los Angeles

So I recently open up a student saving account for my son who is 11years old, I asked my son what he like to save up to and he told me he wants to buy stock in SONY. ...


Starting a Website

A.D. asks from Houston

Hi ! I am a stay at home mom and have recently been playing with the idea of starting a website business, like a children's boutique , and have no idea how to get st...


Can You Help with Money Saving Tips?

A.H. asks from Chicago

My retirement savings just took a major nosedive with the recent stockmarket drops so I am going to need all the help I can get with saving money. Is there one major...


Tops on Saving Money

V.C. asks from Colorado Springs

In this rough economic time, I am just asking other moms to send me some of your money saving advice. What do you do to save money. Any advice would be helpful!! Th...


Saving Money for College

Y.W. asks from Orlando

We are finally ready to start saving money for college for my 18 month old, but there is so much information out there and it's so confusing. I've gone through severa...


Money Saving Ideas

K.D. asks from Dallas

Good afternoon all! I would like to know what you have saved money on? Share your money saving tactics with me! Two things I have saved money recently by buying...