Managing Debt

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In So Much Debt

C.P. asks from Memphis

I'm barely can make min. pymnt on my creditcard pymnt. I'm in soo much debt and don't know what to do. I am so depressed, anyone with any ideas that can help me get o...


Paying off Debt

S.G. asks from Los Angeles

I am just curious if others here are in CC Debt? What has worked for you to pay it down, especially if your living paycheck to paycheck. How much debt aprox have you...


Debt Management

A.S. asks from Cleveland

I realize that both options are not the best but have you done debt consolidation or debt settlement? Would you recommend either? One better than the other? Did you...


Debt "Recovery"

J.G. asks from Chicago

I have seen on tv and heard on the radio commercials for a "government debt recovery" program for people with high amounts of credit card debt. Does anyone know anyt...


More Questions About Debt

L.B. asks from New York

I received some very helpful responses regarding my first question debt consolidation. I have another question; What do you think is a better way to payoff debt when...


Debt Mediation

C.A. asks from Dallas

Just wondering if anyone has tried debt mediation or credit counseling and what your results were. I tried to get a loan from the debt consolidation loan from the ban...


Debt Counseling?

B.A. asks from Bloomington

I was wondering if anyone has ever used a credit counselor or gone through a debt management program? We have a sizeable amount of credit card debt & we are starting ...


Paying off Debt

J.E. asks from Boise

I am considering using a family financial planning company to help me get my credit card debt under control. I understand that they deal with the credit card compani...


Debt Mnagement and Getting a Mortgage

N.K. asks from Detroit

If I were to do debt management will it effect me in anyway getting a mortgage in the next 2-4 years???HELP


Adoption with Current Debt

A.T. asks from Dallas

My husband and I are thinking about adopting. We have two children already, but would like to extend our family to at least four kids by adoption. However, we do ha...