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Good Divorce Lawyer in Brandon/Tampa

M.M. asks from Tampa

I am helping a friend do some research to find a good divorce lawyer and told her I would ask on here. It's an abusive relationship with two kids involved. She need...


Need Divorce Lawyer Recommendations

M.H. asks from Dallas

I am looking for divorce lawyer recs. I am in a bad situation and just need to end things b/f they get worse. I met with one lawyer who was going to charge me a $50...


Divorce Lawyer

L.M. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know of a good divorce lawyer in Denton?


Divorce Lawyer

A.R. asks from Atlanta

im looking for a divorce lawyer i live in the woodstock area


My Friend Needs a Good Divorce Lawyer

M.S. asks from Chicago

They were married for 4 years with two little girls by now. Well he slapped his wife for a good reason, but only happened once. Now he is sorry and he wants to get ba...


I Am in Need of a Reasonable Divorce Lawyer

T. asks from Detroit

I am in need of a reasonable divorce lawyer or at least one that will work out a payment arrangement. I live in the Old Redford/Redford Township area.


Looking for a Divorce Lawyer

E.H. asks from Dallas

Hi Ladies! I am needing to find a divorce lawyer in Tarrant County that does Collabrative divorces, give an initial FREE consultation, and accept monthly payments. ...


Looking for a Good Divorce Lawyer

L.S. asks from Dallas

My husband moved out of the house and left me 3 months pregnant with two young kids at home. I am looking for a good divorce attorney to help me through this. I am ...


Need a Great Divorce Lawyer

L.R. asks from Sacramento

All right mamas! First time request, though I have given lots of advice. My husband of 9 yrs has decided he wants to separate. This is the kicker, he wants to live in...


Need Recommendation for Minneapolis/West Metro Divorce Lawyer

J.S. asks from Minneapolis

Does anyone know of a reasonable/good divorce lawyer in Minneapolis/West Metro? My husband and I agree on most items but still feel like I need my own lawyer for my ...