Understanding Money

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Allowances and Finances

Recently I read different ways parents teach their children the value of money. Some give their children a weekly allowance, some give them a monthly allowance, some just give them money when needed. Since the idea behind it all is to teach children the value of money, I became curious as to how the parents of these children were taught by their parents and how are they are today at handling finances. I was given money whenever I wanted to go do something, such as a movie or go to the mall. I was not given a weekly or monthly...


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Allowance or No Allowance?

My husband & I differ in opinion when it comes to allowance or 'incentives' for our daughter. She is almost 5, and I have had a 'reward/star' responsibility chart for her, since she was about 4. Her 'responsibilities' aren't many, and are appropriate for her age. When the chart is full (one week), she can choose going out for an ice cream or a small toy. It's helped her in so many ways having this little chart, but I find her now getting bored with it. My question, do you give your kids an allowance? If so, when did you start & how do they...


Allowance. How Much?

How much allowance do you give your kids and what kind of tasks do you give...


Chores and Allowance

At what age do you start distributing chores and how much do you pay for...


Allowance & Chores

What chores are appropriate for an average 14 year old girl and what...


How Much Allowance?

We just started giving our 6 1/2 year old daughter an allowance. We weren't...


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What Do to About Job

I have been back to work full-time now for about 1 1/2 years and I really hate it. I got a new manager about 4 months ago and she is just unbearable. She is completely opposite then me - very confrontational and rude. My heart just isn't in my work at all. I don't want to be there as it is and now I have to put up with her micro-managing. I make great money which is the worst part of all! My husband won't let me quit because his business is in jeopardy right now. He owns his own construction business and of course it has completely...


Job or No Job

I have applied to a job in Nov. Got an interview and got hired. Got paper...


Looking for Job!

I am in need of a job! I have little experince but I am a hard worker, If...