Keeping to a Budget

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Trying to Stick to a Budget

M.M. asks from Dallas

I've created a budget to deal with my husband's and I expeses because with gas prices the way they are, we can't afford to spend money frivilously. The only problem i...



C.F. asks from Los Angeles

Hello everyone, Well I have two things I wanted to discuss. 1. Do any of you reccommend or already have a safe to put important things in for your family? If so...


Does Anyone Stick to a Real Budget- Monthly or Weekly? Willing to Share Ideas?

M.D. asks from Dallas

Ok moms- I need to know Im not alone. Im a SAHM and I feel that my husband makes enough for us to live comfortably and me to not work. But come time to pay bills- i...


Family Finances

B.S. asks from Chicago

I wanted to find out how other women talk to their husbands about finances. I have recently handed over the finances to my husband. He is the spender and I am the sa...


Allowances and Finances

P.M. asks from San Antonio

Recently I read different ways parents teach their children the value of money. Some give their children a weekly allowance, some give them a monthly allowance, some...


Joint Finances

K.G. asks from Cleveland

Not really a question, just curious about how other people do things. My husband and I combined our finances the day after we got back from our honeymoon. I handle a...



S.R. asks from Houston

Me and my husband are wanting to start a budget, can anymore gived me some advice Thank you


Combining Finances - How Do You Do It?

S.J. asks from Charlottesville

I am new to this site so I am hoping that I can get some good advice on what to do. My daughter was born 3 months ago and my husband and I are trying to figure out h...



M.M. asks from Los Angeles

hi everyone. my husband and i are are trying to make a budget and want to stick with it. i would love suggestions and ideas on you guys budget and come up with re...


Marriage and Finances

J.F. asks from San Francisco

My husband and I have been married for 6 years now. When we started out he had a good amount of credit card and misc. debt. It got pretty bad at one point, to where w...