Bad Credit No Credit Who Can Really HELP???

Updated on July 29, 2010
A.G. asks from Sarasota, FL
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Does anyone know what company is good at fixing your credit? I know that most of the signs on the side of the road are a scam and I know that most that are online and on the tv adds are scams but where do you go to get help? I mean do you go to lawyers-but from what I understand that is most likely your last opt. can anyone give suggestions?Thanks

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answers from Miami on

From what I have been told, there isn't really any good help. Not unless you are declaring bankruptcy (which totally ruins your credit). We were told that our best option is to keep plugging along and doing the best we can. I don't know what your problem is specifically. Ours is credit card debt. We were told to pay as much as possible on the highest and the minimums on the others. Then when the highest was gone, go to the next. It's not a fast solution, but the best for your credit. A lot of "debt consolidation" places help you out by having you intentionally get behind if you aren't already so they can convince the card company to make a deal. It just makes your credit worse. As for other financial issues, I have no idea. We own a home, but we are current on payments and we don't have any other problems. Other people can help, but no one can fix your credit. Most solutions will initially make it worse. Paying over time sucks, but it builds your credit back up.

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answers from Fort Walton Beach on

Hi A.,

I was a credit manager for many years and there is no way to fix credit except good payments and time. Being in the credit industry so long, I know how greedy it is. They will take advantage of you at every turn. I left the industry because I could not morally keep pushing the envelope. We never did anything illegal but I felt like I was sitting on the fence with ethical issues.

My husband and I only use cash now. If we can't afford it we don't buy it. We don't even have a credit card. It's been great for our family and a good lesson for my kids.

Believe me, the time goes by quickly if you just take it one day at a time...and then if you want to use your good credit, it will be there.

God bless and have a wonderful Christmas!


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answers from Jacksonville on

I honestly dont think there is much ANY service can do that you can't do on your own. What exactly is the problem with your credit? Missed payments? Too high balances? bankruptcy? Foreclosure problems? Errors in reporting?

Order a copy of your credit report and look carefully at it. Be sure that they haven't got errors. If they do, send a letter, certified mail (return receipt requested) that it is wrong and that they need to correct it or remove it completely from your report. You will need to get/do this with all of the "big three" (Experion, TransUnion, and Equifax). Then, pay your debts on time. Do NOT be late. If you cannot do this, then you have problems bigger than bad credit. You definitely need to be on a budget. If you haven't checked into Dave Ramsey, then I would highly recommend you do.

Pay off your debts (after you have paid the house payment, lights, and food) smallest to largest. If you can't afford your house payment, then you may have to consider drastic changes.. like moving.

I don't know if this is much help to you, but remember this: the only reason you need "good" credit, is to take on more debt. If you can't afford what you already owe, then you don't need more debt.
Good luck.



answers from Tampa on

I went thru Beacon credit repair. She did the job, got lots of junk removed!! I know several people who went thru them,including some of my other family members and a few other co-workers. They really work. Contact Paula at 877-999-3353. They also have a website you can choose from 6 mnths of service to 12 mnths. They break up the payments, and you can even have a couples package, where she will work on you and your spouse or significant other. I raised my scored 125 points on her 6 month plan.



answers from Huntsville on

I don't know what all needs to be fixed with your credit. If you just don't have credit (my problem haha) then you can look into getting a secured credit card, which means you pay the bank an amount of money upfront, which becomes your credit balance. Use that for a year or so and with good payments it will increase your credit score.

If you have old debts that have hurt your credit, get a copy of your credit report. For each debt, call & find out what you can settle for and pay it. Work your way through the report whenever you can pay something off.

Dave Ramsey is also a good source for how to fix your credit. He's got a baby steps program to pay off credit card debt.

Good luck!!


answers from Los Angeles on

Hello, I think I can give you some good advise. I have been a credit analyst for 9 years and every client that ever came to me had already paid another company to NOT fix there credit in the end. You really do have to be careful and the ways to know if they are fake is if they tell you they will take everything off right away no problem! That is incorrect. There are ways to work on credit that are based on the laws, rules and regulations. Legally a company can only report you for two years unless they sell your information to another agency to try to collect. Then that company only has two years, if they sell past that point they are legally not allowed to collect debt on an account that is past 4 years old. So if they ask you to settle past that point they are trying to get you good! Never settle on an account, if you do then they will report it as if you only paid half and it will still remain on your credit and report it as a new status because you recently took action on it (a letter of deletion is teh only way to correctly get a new account taken off). If you have old accounts leave them alone because if you contact the companies you will just refresh the information in there system and start the timer over again. I can help you if you need more advise just message me. Good luck!



answers from Miami on

Dear Alcia,

I am a financial advisor who specializes in financial education. Most of the answers you have already received are correct - you can't "fix" your credit per se.

First thing you should do is to obtain a copy of each of your three credit reports (it is free to do this one time per year) and reveiw each of them. If there is any error, report it to the credit agency and send copy to the other two. This must be done in writing and you should keep a copy of all written correspondence and notes on any phone calls.

Second, pay all of your bills on time. This includes rent and utilities. If you can't afford it, then cut your budget. Many of us pay for things we don't really need, like unlimited data plans on cell phones or caller-ID/call waiting on land lines. There are absolutely no excuses for being late and you will be reported on your credit report.

If you have any specific questions or a specific circumstance that you would like to ask about, feel free to message me directly.



answers from Boca Raton on

How to repair your credit classes offered at 401 N Rosemary, downtown West Palm Beach, FL 33401 every Friday from 5.30 to 7.30 pm. $20 at the door one time fee. Obtain free credit report at and bring it to class. (No class on 25th and 1st, class resumes January 8th) M. & Carol.


answers from Orlando on

I am an expert in Credit Restoration and Education.

I have 20 yrs in Finance and Mortgages and have the 1st of 4 books coming out about Credit and Debt issues.

My # ###-###-####

My email is

I have educated many attorneys about the laws that protect us regarding our credit etc....



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