Learning: Meijer

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My Little Pony Cakes or Cupcakes

Do you know of any place that makes My Little Pony cakes or cupcakes? Meijer, Jewel, Dominick's and Costco don't. Thanks.


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Any Lessons Learned Re: Renting a Jumpy House for a Party?

Hi Mamas! I'm having a house party in a month and want to rent a jumpy house thingy. Any dos or don'ts? I was thinking of not getting one that includes a water portion for muddy mess reasons. Are some jumpy house styles hotter inside than others (since it will be August?) Thanks Mamas!


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20 Percent Pay Cut!! Where Do I Go from Here?

It's official that I will recieve a 20% decrease in my pay staring Friday. I believe this is due to bad union representation and alot of employees not being informed of the consquences of not accepting a pay decrease of %15 percent last time a contract was offered. People did not accept the last contract and voted it down out of frustation of not having a pay increase or contract in 5 years and because of being hurt fiancially by layoffs lasting weeks at a time. My issue now is how in the world to I try to supplement my lost income while...


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What Stores Accept Plastic Bags Back for Recycling?

Am I the only one who has a giant stockpile of plastic bags? I have so many bags from Target, Meijer, Walmart, etc. I hate to throw them in the garbage, but I don't know what to do with them. Does anyone know who takes back the plastic bags? I shop in Crystal Lake and Algonquin. Thanks.


Cooking Spray Residue

Does anyone know how to get that sticky cooking spray residue off both glass...

Playing with Others

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Preschool Mean Kids

My 3-year-old (he'll be 3 1/2 next week) started preschool soon after getting potty-trained in February of 2007. All of the other kids in his class started in September of 2006 (when school traditionally starts). My son LOVES activities and teachers and kids so my hubby and I were so excited to finally get him potty trained and enrolled in a preschool. In the past we had done classes at the Y, Gymboree, and play groups here and there. After the first week of preschool, my son started to get really quiet when we asked him about...


Dog Loosing Hair?

Hi Moms, I'm hoping that someone out there is a vet or has knowledge of dogs...


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What Do 5Th Grade Boys Like??

I would like to purchase a christmas gift for my son's 5th grade reading buddy. He is very kind and patient with my son. I was thinking of something under $15.00, but I have no idea what 10/11 year old boys like. Thanks for any ideas.