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Updated on May 31, 2011
S.J. asks from Midland, MI
21 answers

So after many years of needing to! I have finally decided to update my e-mail from my college sillyness...lol Anyhow I have had the same accounts since about 12 years ago and need to start fresh. Tired of all the junk coming in! So what do you like the best. Yahoo, Gmail, Graffiti, hotmail? is there something else out there that is better? I am unwilling to pay for e-mail so any pay one I am not interested in!

Thanks for your input.

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answers from Detroit on

They're all about the same. You just have to get used to using it. I have 2 hotmail accounts. One for junk (when companies ask for an email address for orders and what not), and one that I use everyday. I hardly ever get junk mail/spam to my main email because of this system.



answers from Detroit on

GMAIL! I've used yahoo & hotmail in the past, actually still have a yahoo account but don't use the email very often. Anyway, I will never change from Gmail unless they do something crazy, but I love how it is VERY RARE for spam to show up in my inbox. Just automatically goes into the spam folder and I never have to look at it. Also my fave thing about Gmail is how they group emails into conversations. So if you're emailing back & forth with a friend like 10 times, it shows up as 1 continuous email conversation, not 10 separate emails. Also I like their recent update where you can use "Priority Inbox" - all the personal emails show up at the top, whereas non-important emails, like my sale updates from Meijer, or Mamapedia, show up.

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answers from Dallas on

I have yahoo. I like it and if they have updates and stuff it does it automatically!

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answers from New York on


Over the years I have had, yahoo, hotmail, aol and gmail is my favorite by far.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Use two...O. for junk and O. for "real"!
I like gmail.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I have several accts. Yahoo is my preference and have had for many years. I also have a Gmail acct but actually forward those to my Yahoo. I hate too much change in format for such things so I just stick with Yahoo.

When I got my newest cell phone (a year ago), it wanted a Gmail (google) account for ease of set up..so I created one then. I also use that for google blogs and a few other things....but dislike the format/look of the email (set in my ways with the yahoo one..LOL).

Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

I use both gmail and hotmail - they are both great

I use hotmail for junk, and gmail for real - this is a good idea, as you can use your junk one for dodgy website forms etc! (dodgy friends?)



answers from Los Angeles on

gmail. they have a lot of other stuff that you can use too once you have an account like documents you can upload, store, edit and share with others, etc. or you can just use the email function :)



answers from San Antonio on

I have a Hotmail and a Yahoo account. When I need an e-mail address to purchase things and whatnot I use the Yahoo, the Hotmail on is the one I use personally. Yahoo seems to do a better job of blocking junk mail. I just keep the two separate since it seems a little easier.


answers from Redding on

i like gmail and like it, except it seems a lot of the time pictures don't show up in the body of the email (these are usually forwards from my grandma so I don't worry about it).

I still have an old yahoo email that i use as a junk filter (i plug this email in when random websites ask). I also use it for chat with a friend that only uses yahoo.



answers from Louisville on

Gmail! I've used Yahoo, Hotmail, Juno, college accounts, and one other email that I can't recall at the moment. Gmail by far is the best I've ever used. Best filters, best filing, best way to keep track of conversations. I LOVE it! And the ads amuse me. They're non-intrusive, but there will be a line of text and a few boxes off to the side that relate to some word in your email, and it's pretty funny to see what pops up. Okay, maybe I'm a little easy to entertain, but it's the little things in life!



answers from Madison on

I have had a yahoo account for years and years, so I cannot be very objective. But I know many people like gmail. Google calendar and a few other services are easier to subscribe to with a gmail account too.


answers from Dallas on

We have earthlink but you wouldn't want it because it is not free. We use it for business/personal.

I also have yahoo and hotmail. Remember, you only have so much storage and you do have to pay or they delete things. I do pay for extra storage on hotmail because I use it for a backup.


answers from Bloomington on

I use Yahoo and I like it!


answers from Lincoln on

I've always used my hotmail the most (also aol and gmail that never gets used anymore). However hotmail recently updated something and now all emails connected get lumped together and I miss things. And I've been getting tons of junk that isn't getting put into the junk folder.
so i'm curious what people are liking too so I can switch for my personal use



answers from Los Angeles on

I've used Yahoo for years. I also have a gmail account, but my favorite is Yahoo. No particular reason, just used to it and never had any problems with it. :-)



answers from Grand Rapids on

I would recommend Gmail or Yahoo


answers from Biloxi on

I started using Gmail about 9 months ago. I love it.

I can sort email into folders, label things, search within the emails, all kinds of buttons and bells with it.



answers from Chicago on

Another vote for gmail!

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should open and account with them:


I love using it and I have it set up as my home page and I've customized it to the sites that I use the most. It's nice because when I've changed internet providers, I don't have to change my email address because I use gmail and not the providers.



answers from Detroit on

I use both Gmail and Yahoo (yahoo is where I send business/potential junk mail). Both are good. I like Gmail the best as it keeps all the conversational threads together, so its helpful when you have lots of people responding to a message, and its less cluttered. I just like it better. Yahoo is good as well. Hotmail seemed to be too limiting when I tried to limit junk mail, it either let in tons, or it went into total lock down of nothing gets in without you saving the email address in your address book first. That was over 5 years ago that I quit with them, so maybe its better now.



answers from Detroit on

I'm surprised so many people like gmail!

I have a hotmail account and a gmail account and I much prefer hotmail.

They both sort junkmail about the same. I personally don't like how gmail lumps all replies with the original email (my husband has the same complaint). The plus of gmail for me is the ease of using it on my iphone (messages are not lumped together on my phone like they are when I use a computer).

Good luck!

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