Infant: Similac

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E.M. asks from Los Angeles

Hello moms! Anyone have an opinion on Similac Go and Grow? We switched from the regular Similac but it seems this version is alot frothier, isn't blending as well w...


Enfamil or Similac

T.H. asks from Columbus

Hi ladies, I am wondering if any of you have had the experience of using both of these brands and can help me make a decision on which to go with. I used Similac Iso...


Similac Formula

L.M. asks from Detroit

I have a few cans of sealed, unexpired Similac (advance and Isomal soy) that I don't have use for. My baby is almost 1 and has been breastfed the whole time. Any th...


Similac Recall

E.A. asks from Pittsburgh

I was just curious... I found out earlier today about the Similac recall that was announced today and was kinda surprised that there hasn't really been any questions ...


Similac Formulas

A.U. asks from Detroit

Well I'm sure most of you are aware of the Similac recalls because their formula may contains parts of beetles or beetle larve! NASTY... Well I used Similac with my...


Similac Recalled

K.K. asks from San Diego

hi moms, similac have just recalled 5 million cans. I just heard about this just now, maybe some of you know... u can go to the website and check if your can has been...


Similac Storage

M.D. asks from New York

I recently bought 2 cases of Similac Advance ready made formula and left it in my car overnight. It was a cold night, 38 degrees to be exact. Is the formula still goo...


Similac Alimentum

M.M. asks from Boston

I have been writing on here a bit about my son and his acid reflux. My doctor now gave him similac alimentum. I guess it is a perscription formula. He hates it. W...


Difference Between Similac Advance and Similac Go & Grow

I.J. asks from Odessa

Is it possible for similac go & grow to cause constipation on a 7 mth old baby? I didn't realize I was giving my baby go & grow and he has been constipated for about ...


Anyone Have Similac Coupons?

B.H. asks from Kansas City

I was just wondering if anyone had an Similac coupons they don't use and would like to get rid of them.