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Similac vs Enfamil

G.G. asks from Dallas

Hi Ladies, I have a question about the formula. Which one do you prefer similac vs enfamil. My friend told me that all her kids were getting sick when they were on...


Similac Advance - Formula Question

B.L. asks from San Francisco

Since our baby was born, she was breastfed, but needed a supplement. We continued using the formula we started on in the hospital - Similac Advance. She has been doin...


Similac vs Generic

M.L. asks from Appleton

My question is this. I am feeding my son Similac Isomil and it is super expensive. I compared the nutrition facts to walgreens brand it is pretty much the same. I w...


Similac Checks/coupons Needed

A.T. asks from Des Moines

I could really use Similac checks/coupons if you get them and don't use or need them. My baby was diagnosed with a milk allergy a couple of weeks ago and is now on A...


Similac Diaper Bag

E.K. asks from Tampa

I was wondering if anyone has a FREE Similac sling diaper bag from the hospital that they aren't using. I would be happy to meet you somewhere in the area to pick it...


Question About Preparing Similac in Batches

M.M. asks from New York

I prepare batches of Similac powdered formula and keep it in the fridge for when I need it. The "recipe" Similac gave me when I called their 800 number was 23oz of w...


Similac Human Milk Fortifier

M.B. asks from Dallas

Hi all - Our baby is finally out of the NICU! :) However, they sent her home on Human Milk Fortifier to fatten her up. Does anyone know where we can buy this - a ...


Enfamil Vs. Similac

J.F. asks from Philadelphia

I was wondering how important it is to keep your baby on the same formula or is it ok to switch. When my baby was born she wasn't able to nurse and my milk hadn't co...