Similac Recalled

Updated on September 27, 2010
K.K. asks from San Diego, CA
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hi moms, similac have just recalled 5 million cans. I just heard about this just now, maybe some of you know... u can go to the website and check if your can has been recalled, i just checked mine and sure enough... i don't even know what to do who to call, i'm so lost.

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answers from Philadelphia on

My mom called me and told me about this today - I just received Similac at my baby shower, and mine happened to be in the batch that got recalled! They say they'll send you a box via FedEx to send back the tainted product to them (takes about 3 business days) and they'll send you a full refund in 4-6 weeks. The number to call (if you can't get online) is 800-986-8850. Good luck!

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answers from Columbus on

Ours are part of the recall too. My son hasn't been wanting to eat lately. I guess I know why now. I thought it was b/c he was teething. I'm going to call the store I just got a can from yesterday to see if they will let me exchange it for liquid.



answers from Portland on

Another mom posted a similar question about Similac. I suggest that you look it up. I strongly suggest not over reacting. There have been no negative results from drinking this formula! Go back and read the reason for the recall. Something non-toxic (I'm tired and can't remember what) may be in the powder. We are just too, too cautious in my opinion.

If I were feeding an infant, I might go to the trouble of sending it back and getting new but I doubt it. The stuff has been in there for some time and not one baby has gotten sick. I wouldn't continue feeding it if I had a dozen cans. But continuing to feed from one or two seems reasonable to me.



answers from Madison on

Thank you for posting this!
Do you know if the powder *toddler* formula is also recalled? I have the cans at home, so cannot look up the lot number right away and I am very curious!

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