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Teething and Infant Tylenol

A.A. asks from San Francisco

My three-month baby boy is starting to teeth and I've tried numerous methods to calm him. It's mainly at the end of the day when he is frantically sucking/biting and ...


Infant Constipation

H.L. asks from San Francisco

My little baby girl who is 2.5 months hasn't had a bowel movement for three days thus far. Still is drinking breast milk. When should I be concerned?


Baby Suncreen

C.H. asks from Portland

I have a precious baby boy that is almost 2 1/2 months that I would like to protect from the sun! I am lucky that he loves his stroller and going for walks, we usual...


Seeking Referrals for Infant Daycare in Bay Area

L.D. asks from San Francisco

My husband and I are expecting our first baby in October and I plan to return to work in late February/early March 2011. We're researching daycare options now as I kn...


Baby Gate Suggestions

J.P. asks from Dallas

Does anyone have any suggestions on a baby gate for a stair way that does not have a solid wall to mount it to? It would be nice to find an installation kit that is ...


Which Formula to Give a Colicky Baby?

A.V. asks from San Francisco

One month old baby is getting very colicky. She cries for full 3 hours every evening. Which formula should we use? Any advise appreciated


New Mom and Baby Registry

L.J. asks from Cincinnati

I will be having my first child in December and I am attempting to create a baby registry. I thought this process would be easy and it's actually harder than I though...


I'm Trying to Register for My Baby Shower and I Don't Know What I Need...

R.R. asks from San Francisco

There are so many "must-have" baby things out there that I have no idea what is really helpful vs. what is not as important. If you could respond with baby products ...


Planning a Budget Concious Baby Shower

K.M. asks from Modesto

Thank you for all your great advise here :) I am going to throw my first baby shower. I'm broke, like everyone else these days, and throwing this for a young single f...


Teething 4 Month Old Baby- What Helped Your Babies the Best?

T.P. asks from Salinas

Hello everyone, I have a 4 month old baby girl who is starting to teeth. I know it might seem a little early but my oldest had 4 teeth by the time he was 4 months. I ...