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Cooking with Baby

I'm looking for suggestions for cooking while caring for an infant. I have a HotSling that my daughter is in a lot of the day. I like the closeness of the sling but am not a rabid attachment parenting follower... I am okay with putting her down. I have done some cooking while she's in the sling, but I'm afraid the grease is going to splatter on her and I have a hard time reaching around her to cut things up. But when I try to put her down while she's awake, she cries until I pick her up. She's only 12 weeks, so I don't know what could...


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Reviews on Front Loading Washing Machine?

Our washing machine recently went out and we're looking at getting one of the front loading ones. We have been out to look at them and have read online reviews, but they are mixed. It seems there are almost an equal number of people that rave about them versus people who hate them and this is for all 3 major brands. I would love to know if any of you have purchased a front loading washer, what brand, what you like, and any problems you may have had. Thanks so much!

Buying, Selling, Renting & Moving

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To Sell or Not to Sell?

Hi all, I'm just looking for some advice from others out there. We (my husband, son, and I) are currently in a small home---2 bedrooms 1 bathroom in the St. Paul area. We bought the home in 2004, and basically, b/c of the poor real estate market right now, we would probably have to sell it for similiar to what we bought it for in '04, and we've put a ton of work into it. :( The problem w/ the house is that it is small. It's fine for us, but when we have visitors--all of our family lives out of state--it's quite cramped. We're being...

Cleaning & Housekeeping

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First Experience with House Cleaning Service

Hi mamas, have a less whiny question this time :) I was super excited to be given a gift certificate for a house cleaning by some coworkers, for a baby shower gift. The lady that does it has her own business, actually used to work for me, so I know she will do a great job. I was able to speak with her yesterday and she will be coming next Saturday afternoon. My question is, what do you all do to prepare for the "housekeeper" to come? We talked about some basic things, like she will clean our ceiling fans and mop the floors, dust,...


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My Baby Wants to Constantly Be Held

My baby is 5 wks old and wants to be constantly held. I understand he hasn't learned to self soothe and maybe a little young for self-soothing. I love holding him but then I can't get anything done....shower, make dinner, laundry, etc. Sometimes he will play if I set him down but it depends on the hour and day. Often he wants to be held almost all day, when I put him down he starts crying (extremely loud). I have a baby borjn but he's too small for that right now. but even if I were to put it on I feel like I couldn't stand in front of a...


Infant Skin Care

My 11 wk old son has x link ichthyosis that requires him to be lotioned from...


Family Pets

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Guinea Pig or Hamster?

Ever since my 6 year old daughter visited my sister and fell in love with her chihuahua, she has longed for a dog she can have on her lap and carry around. She begs for one almost daily. We already have a dog (an older, grumpy border collie who's definitely not a cuddler), and often have my mom's dog over here due to her health problems. Hubby has refused to consent to another dog. So the compromise is either a guinea pig or hamster. Which is more tame/affectionate/cuddly, and is one "easier" than the other? I'm fully aware that I'll be...


Hamster or Guinea Pig

My little ones are saying they are ready for a pet. I thought we would start...

Furnishing & Decorating

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Toys in Your Living Room?

People with small children and small houses: do you allow toys in your living room? I have 2 preschoolers and a 2 bedroom apartment. My youngest is moving into a big bed now which means even less space to play in their room. I suggested to my husband that we get some sort of toy shelf for the living room and he was adamently against it- he doesn't want our common area cluttered with play things. While I agree with him ideally, realisitically I don't think it's even fair to make them keep ALL their things in their room when pretty much...

Garden & Landscaping

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Who Does the Holiday Decorating?

Happy holidays everyone! Question here... who does the holiday decorating in your home? Is putting up the Christmas tree a family effort that has evolved into a tradition? While I admit that I may decorate the inside and outside of my home more than the average person, I am feeling like I am a one woman operation. This year I tried to communicate to the hubby that I would like to decorate the tree with our two toddlers together. Needless to say, that didn't happen. I am feeling extra sad about it this year for some reason. I am so...

Home Maintenance

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Advice on Cystocele/rectocele/uterine Prolapse Repair

Hi all, My situation is this: as a result of a traumatic birth experience (forceps, monster episiotomy, big baby), I now have a grade 3 cystocele, rectocele, and uterine prolapse that is getting worse every month that goes by. I just saw a urogynecologist who recommended a surgical repair. He is recommending the abdominal surgery (like a c-section) versus the transvaginal approach. This surgery would involve a partial hysterectomy. My understanding is that the recovery is extensive and very restrictive (couldn't lift more than 5 lbs...

Living on their Own

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Living with the Inlaws

ok ladies,well does anyone have advice on to handle living "with the inlaws",because of job cuts and everything my hubby and i and kids are have to live with his mom and dad...things have not always been good between all of us,{they didnt like the fact i was married before and had kids and now cant have anymore}well now after 3 yrs now they have accepted the all this love my kids..but how do u handle the everyday with them...the DH has lived with his mom and dad till he was 26 that is when he married me,ive been on my own more and less out...


Living with Parents

My husband and I are currently SHARING an apartment with my parents. we all...

Social Life

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Are There Any Moms' Groups for Working Moms?

I've heard about several moms groups- but all meet early in the week? Does anyone know of any that meet later in day (3:30 and later)? I'm in West Sacramento and hoping to meet other mom's who want to meet for play dates. My baby girl is one.

Staying Organized

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