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Updated on September 28, 2011
A.M. asks from Montgomery, IL
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Hi. I havent flown w/an infant for some time, so I was wondering if u ladies could offer some tips for flying w/a 7 month old. Any packing tips to make things as easy as possible? Other tips r appreciated:)

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answers from Chicago on

When my daughter was 6 months old, my husband had a business trip to AZ and we decided to make it a mini family vacay. I cringe at the sound of a screaming/kicking kid on a plane where there's no escape...So, not wanting to be "that" parent, I planned the ride to coincide w her feeding time...plenty of snacks and a bottle then nap time. It worked out very well until the last 5minutes before touchdown coming home...had to improvise by letting her tear up the sky mall mag (which was actually very entertaining to her). Good luck!

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answers from San Antonio on

Are you taking your car seat? Or is the kiddo flying on your lap?

- YOU need to potty before boarding. You'll be stuck with the (hopefully sleeping) kid on your lap the whole trip.
- pack a DVD player with fav Baby Mozart videos.
- a couple of fav toys and books
- small blanket

- you are allowed to bring breastmilk in a bottle (see tsa link above)
- perhaps pack a nursing cover. It's easy to nurse on take-off so the baby's ears pop.

- plenty of extra diapers. PLENTY in case of diarreah and in case of layovers.
- an extra outfit for her and an extra shirt for you (in case of a blowout)
- wipes
- hand sanitizer

Instead of a purse or a suitcase, use a backpack for your carry-on. It will give you one extra hand.

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answers from Chicago on

Some great advice here already. I've flown many times with my 2 kids. At the age your baby is, here are my tips:

- Bring a bag that you can hang on your stroller...plan so things are as hands-free as possible. Have your ID and cash in an easy-to-reach place for being able to grab them quickly when you're checking in, going through security, and in any little airport stores.

- Use an umbrella stroller for the airport. Something light you can fold up with one hand (or ask another traveler in the security line to help while you hold the baby) - because you are required to pass the stroller through the security belt. Don't bring a bulky heavy one. You can use the stroller all the way to the gate...while you're waiting in the gate area to board, ask a gate agent to 'gate check' your stroller for you. Then you can stroll it all the way to the gate and they will return it right where you get off the plane.

- After you've gone through security, buy a bottle of water if you're going to need one to make formula...if you're nursing, then no worries....get the water for yourself. :) Don't assume you'll get anything quickly (or at all these days!) on the plane. Make sure you have any snacks you're going to need (those Gerber puffs if your baby is eating those yet, a banana, Baby Mum-Mums, and a few little snacks for you too).

- Before you get on the plane - go to the bathroom! The last thing you want to have to deal with on the plane is peeing in that tiny bathroom while holding a 7 month-old! Make sure to change the baby's diaper before you board too! Target also sells disposable changing mats...get the box that has the 10 count...they are big enough to cover the entire nasty changing tables in the airport!

- Get some of those scented plastic bags (Arm & Hammer makes them) can pick them up at Target in the baby section...they also have cute little dispensers for the unlucky event of a poopy diaper or baby throw-up on the plane. Those bags are awesome because you can basically hide any smell with them, so other passengers won't have to smell anything. Be sure to bring a change of clothes for your outfit that folds up super small to maximize space in your bag.

- Personally I don't bring my baby's car seat (I either check it or rent one on the other side). I can't handle all of that bulk. Planes are tiny enough to begin with and managing a huge infant seat into that mess is something I wouldn't do.

- Bring a blanket ... something not too bulky. But perfect if the plane is too cold, baby falls asleep, anyway at some point you'll be happy you have it.

- If your child were older I'd also suggest bringing a portable DVD player, but I don't think that's necessary at this age. Do get a couple of brand-new fun toys and books. Make sure to encourage drinking something or using a pacifier during takeoff and as soon as the pilot announces the descent (that one is usually worse on ears).

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answers from Chicago on

I agree with everything Jess suggested.

Next week we will be flying with 3 kids under age 5. I will have an umbrella stroller, but I will also wear the baby in my ERGO carrier after we get through security, primarily so that at boarding time I can have my hands free.

I will have a backpack for my carry-on, even though I LOVE my diaper bag.

If you are BFing, great! If you have to pack formula, I highly recommend the packets that Enfamil has, each of which make a 4 oz bottle when mixed with water (purchase from the convenience stores in the airport after you go thru security.)

Diaper cream & a small bottle of hand sanitizer in a small clear plastic bag in your backpack (under the 3 oz rule).

If the baby will be on your lap, you must bring the birth certificate, even though it should be quite obvious that he/she is nowhere near 2 yrs old. When we flew with my 9 month old the ticketing agent at Southwest almost denied us an infant boarding document since we didn't bring the birth certificate. We would have been stranded in Cali.

Try to bring toys that attach so you don't have to be digging around under the seat if it is dropped.

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answers from Dover on

Well, first you get a t-shirt to wear on the plane with the words, "I'm Sorry" printed in giant letters. NO! I'm just kidding!! It will all be fine and cranky people on planes need to be reminded of when they also had babies and had to travel.

Plenty of bottles, or a passie for take off and landing to help her ears. The little ones like this are fairly easy. Little hand held toys that will distract her. Maybe you computer with a dvd drive and the baby eistein videos that have the music with lots of colorful pictures to draw her eye. That's all I've got.

ETA: JessInTexas is so smart! You can tell she has done this more recently.

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answers from Charlotte on


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answers from Eugene on

Stay calm-don't worry about the crying and the other people, just your baby. Calm you +clam baby. Enjoy it not often you have nothing to do, but hold your baby. Make sure he/she is sucking on something on the way up and down to pop his ears as the altitude chances.

Double diaper if it is a long ways. Zip lock bag to put a poop diaper into.

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answers from Chicago on

I traveled with my daughter to India when she was 6 months old. The one thing I can tell you is don't overpack! Take a few of the baby's favorite toys (nothing with music) - maybe something new and shiny. Take an umbrella stroller. Have the baby drink some water/milk while taking off and landing. And some cheerios or small snack to keep him/her occupied. I think if you take things like DVDs etc for that small an age, it is just more of a hassle! Also, keep 2 small separate pouches/ziplocs with a diaper and some wipes and a onesie - if you need to change the baby, you can just grab one and go and then put the old dirty diaper in the ziploc bag before you trash it!

Good luck. Just stay calm and don't overthink it. The baby will sense your stress! Enjoy your trip :)

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answers from Minneapolis on

When I traveled alone with an infant, I found it easiest to have the baby in a front pack and use a backpack for your purse/carryon/diaper bag. I felt more secure having her attached to me and my hands were free to pull out tickets and even to use the bathroom.

Remember to bring extra clothes for both of you.



answers from Chicago on

What airline are you flying? If you are flying Southwest - sit towards the back because if the plane is not full then you will likely get an empty seat next to you which is always helpful. If you are on another airline and the flight is not full, ask the gate clerk right before you board if there are two empty seats together and if you can switch to one of them. Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

So fun! I travel ALOT for work, and take my kids too. Travel is pretty easy, but like everyone has said so far, give yourself some extra time. Try to check as much as you can (carseats can check at ticketing for free too, and you don't have to haul it everywhere). I have even gotten them to check my stroller at ticketing, and deliver it to my gate, so i have extra hands free. I wear my kids, it makes life easier in the long run. Be sure to make shoes (even baby's) easy to put on and off. Everyone else had great suggestions, but left out a spare shirt for you. Have a great time!!! Good Luck



answers from Seattle on

You can actually bring virtually any drink for the baby. If you have formula, they'll just run a test on it at security. (I bring milk in sippy cups for mine, and they test it.)

I second the use of a baby carrier. An Ergo would be great for an 8-month old. You wouldn't need a stroller then. You'll need to undo the Ergo at takeoff and landing (FAA rules), but I could even unsnap mine without waking the little one up.

And while you're packing extra clothes, pack an extra shirt for you. I've known mommas who've been vomited on, and it was a long, long flight for them.

Good luck and have fun!



answers from Chicago on

I would use a front carrier for baby. A lightweight stroller. When you get in security line make sure you have the baby in the carrier so your hands are free to break down stroller, take your shoes off etc. Then take your baby out of carrier last to put the carrier on on in the plastic bucket. If you use formula, powder would be best. Don't mix it until after you have passed through security. Take unopened water bottles for formula. I've never had a problem with bringing my own water bottles, just let them know it's for mixing formula. Some airports will open the baby bottles & hold a tester stick over the milk. MAKE SURE THE SECURITY PERSON PUTS ON A FRESH PAIR OF GLOVES BEFORE TOUCHING YOUR DIAPER BAG ETC... Make sure you use the family bathroom & do a diaper check before boarding plane. Plan to nurse or give baby a bottle at take off & landing!! Take some finger snacks to feed baby during flight to get baby to swallow as often as you can. Pack a blanket & lightweight hat just in case it's too cold on the plane. If you could give the baby some liquid infant vitamin C & children's liquid echinacea a few days prior to flying would boost the immune system for all of the germs at airport & airplane. I usually have a small pack of lysol disinfectant wipes so once I'm seated I wipe my area & window cause my daughter tried touching everything LOL!! Please pack extra formula just in case your flight is delayed. Have a safe trip!!



answers from New York on

A camera and a smile. Enjoy baby's first trip.

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