Anyone Have Similac Coupons?

Updated on July 31, 2008
B.H. asks from Olathe, KS
4 answers

I was just wondering if anyone had an Similac coupons they don't use and would like to get rid of them.

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answers from Kansas City on

We just finished formula, but let me share a money saving tip. Instead of using Similac (which we started with), go to Costco and use their Kirkland brand. It has everything similac does plus some extra nutrients. You get two big cans for $20. Best deal in baby town. They also carry similac at a very good price if you won't change over. Read the side of the Kirkland label and you'll see the nutrient comparison with Similac & Enfamil. I'm sorry I didn't start using it sooner. BTW, our little girl is in the 97% in height & weight, so obviously, using the Kirkland brand didn't hurt her.

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answers from Kansas City on

I have approximately a million Similac coupons. I'm sure most of them are expired, but you are welcome to them. Luckily, my son has not had to have any formula yet, and I plan on keeping it that way since he is almost one year old. You can email me at if you still want them. I live in Olathe.



answers from Kansas City on

Hi B.,

I agree w/ Stefani, use the costco formula. We started using it when our son was around 9-10 months old. Wish we would have used it sooner. We too used to use coupons and sometimes you do get great coupons, but overall I think the Kirklands formula is a MUCH better deal and it's great formula!



answers from Kansas City on

I have a bunch of them! Send me your address and I will mail them to you! I am breastfeeding and don't need them, but I keep getting them in the mail. Formula is expensive! So I would be happy to help save some $$$!

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