Infant: Curves

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B.H. asks from Seattle

So have any of you mamas tried curves? Im intersed in hearing both good and bad of your experience working out there. Also how the price compared to others. I like...



B.S. asks from Philadelphia

I want to get in shape after not losing my baby weight. I'd like to lose over 20 pounds and get in shape. Has anyone had any experience with Curves? Any success stori...


Curves Shmurves.

S.Q. asks from Youngstown

has any one on here tried losing weight by going to curves? my year is up next month and i have oficially lost 4 pounds. thats is approxamately 100 dollars per pound....


Curves During Pregnancy

J.T. asks from Fayetteville

I was curious if anyone does or has done Curves during pregnancy? I just started going back because of having a HORRIBLE first trimester with feeling sick 24/7. I'm 1...


Price of Curves Workout

A.R. asks from Albany

I am inquiring if any one knows the pricing of the Curves work out classes. I have an 11 month old baby Boy and i am still breastfeeding him so I know that I can not ...


Curves Question and Other Gym Question

J.L. asks from Chicago

I just joined curves for their $30 for 30 days promotion study and am not convinced yet that this is right for me. I am not sure that I will see results where I need...


Feedback on Curves Gym.... Love It? Hate It? Why?

M.P. asks from Peoria

I'm thinking about joining Curves but I'm not totally convinced. Do you love it, hate it and why?


Curves for Women - Love It, Hate It, Indifferent???

C.O. asks from Milwaukee

I'm very interested in joining a fitness center before winter. I'm curious to hear any good or bad experiences with Curves. I have had a Bally's membership before bu...


Curves v Gym, Which Is Better for Faster Results?

A.H. asks from Dallas

I need to shed 8 pounds off, I have been going to the Gym since Decemeber and no change on the scale. I manage to go 3-4 times a week for about 30 mins each time, I h...


Baby Weight Dropping Curves...

L.G. asks from San Francisco

My little girl was born over 10 lbs - that's upper 90%, and has been dropping down the curves ever since. She's a strictly breast-milk baby, and is very active and ha...