Infant: Exersaucer

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Exersaucer Opinions

K. asks from Dallas

We're buying an exersaucer for the baby and my hubby thinks the one where the baby sits and spins around the outside is cool. It's the only one I've ever seen where ...


Jumperoo or Exersaucer

S.E. asks from Houston

I need help deciding whether to buy my son (four-months-old) an exersaucer or a jumperoo. Because he will only be in it for a short time, I only want to buy one of t...


Exersaucer or Jumperoo?

N.T. asks from Chicago

We would like to buy an exersaucer or a jumperoo for our little guy. He'll be 4 months soon. He likes to "stand" and is pretty active, so I want something that will g...


Exersaucer Time

J.A. asks from San Antonio

My daughter just turned 7 months old. A month ago my mom bought her a HUGE exersaucer for her to play in. Sometimes she will play in it, completely engaged, for 30 mi...


Exersaucer Vs. Jumperoo

L.M. asks from Boston

Hi, my daughter is 4 months old and her doctor said she's ready for the exersaucer. The only problem is I am torn between the jumperoo and an exersaucer. My daughter ...


Exersaucer Vs. Jumperoo

B.H. asks from Minneapolis

Wondering the pro's and con's of a typical exersaucer vs. the fisher price jumperoo and which one you'd buy if you could only buy one? When did your babies start u...


What Kind of Exersaucer Do You Recommend?

C.W. asks from Washington DC

We had an Exersaucer for my daughter 8 yrs ago and she hated it. My son loved his, but wouldn't you know that the EvenFlo SmartSteps 123 has been discontinued. Read...


Risks of Standing Flatfooted in the Exersaucer

A.L. asks from New York

Does anyone know any risks that come from your child standing flat footed in an exersaucer. My son loves his, but seems to be outgrowing it. We have it on the highest...


Exersaucer for 6 Month Old

R.S. asks from Chicago

Did you buy an exersaucer for your baby? I keep hearing how great they are but they're not cheap and so far I haven't had luck finding one on Craigslist. I don't wan...


Walker V. Exersaucer

L.A. asks from New York

Ladies, our five month old loves to "stand" and to "pedal his feet". He isn't happy in his swing, insists on being upright, and hasn't managed a crawl. I'd love a...