Infant: Neocate

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S.H. asks from Las Vegas

Hello! My son (6 mo.) was just put on Neocate for complete milk protien allergies and I was wondering how you afford this stuff?! We do not qualify for federal prog...


Refusing Neocate

K.T. asks from Boston

My daughter (10 1/2 weeks) just started on Neocate after having blood in her stool with a milk based formula and Nutramigen... Doctor (Pedi GI) would also like her a...


Has anyone had any experience with neocate formula?

S.D. asks from Chicago

Hi, My 4 1/2 mo old daughter has an exczema like rash that comes and goes. My husband too her to the Dr. for her 4 mo checkup & asked him about it. Dr. said it coul...


Neocate or Nutramigen?

M.K. asks from Provo

My daughter has been exclusively breastfed for six months. However, I am 8 weeks pregnant again and I am having a hard time meeting her demands. I feed her five to si...


Does Neocate Cause Gas?

A.B. asks from Dallas

My son is 9 weeks old. He has been on Neocate for about 1 1/2 months now. He has acid reflux so the GI doctor put him on Neocate. He does really well on the formul...


Has Anyone Used Infant Neocate Formula?

J.N. asks from Denver

Our 3 month old was just put on Neocate to see if it cleares up the mucus in her poop. If you have used this formula you know how expensive it is. Is there anything...


High Allergy Baby- Is Neocate Formula Ok?

N.W. asks from Los Angeles

has anyone had any bad reactions to Neocate formula? i have a baby allergic to soy, dairy, wheat, nuts, corn, eggs, garlic, beats, pork... you get the point. i'm stil...


Need Neocate Infant Formula Without DHA/ARA!

M.T. asks from Dallas

I am in need of some neocate without the dha/ara... it seems that the dha/ara is making her reflux worse!! If you know of any available now, please let me know!


EleCare, NeoCate Or Nutramigen? Which Is Least Constipating?

I.Q. asks from New York

I am looking for a dairy free, soy free formula. Preferably the one that is the least constipating. I am leaning towards an amino acid formula of which I have only h...


Where Can I Get Neocate Without Taking Out a Loan???

K.D. asks from Dallas

ok, my DS has a few baby issues we are working on, now our specialists has informed me we need to start using Neocate Infant formula. For those of you who are SAH you...